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Members of Historical Society of St. Catharines may be available to assist with historical research requests within reason. In depth genealogical queries are better answered by a local genealogical group. If you have a question, please submit it to this page. Please ensure that your questions are very clearly stated, that you provide us with any supporting information possible and that you leave us with some contact information.

Time of response depends on the complexity of the question and the member’s time to conduct the research.

Any answers will be sent directly to the person asking the question.  If time and space allows, some answers will be posted to the website.  Be sure that we consider all questions and respond to those that we are able to accommodate.

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  1. Jennifer Bennett said

    Looking for general information about the Wright family who lived in the Wright House Mansion on the corner of Duke and James. I know is was built in 1842 and was demolished in 1971.

  2. Hi
    I am currently researching two former residents of St. Catharine’s Dennis Henry Osborne (1919-2016) and his wife Jean (1926-1965) who lived in St Catharines from 1953-1959. They were both artists who exhibited widely in Canada and in the UK.

    Dennis taught at various schools including nightclasses at St Catharine’s Collegiate, Smithville High and with Lakehead Area Art Association. I am looking for a list of exhibitions which took place in the Art Gallery, St Catharines (Carnegie?) Public Library between 1954-57, and already have a lead for “An Exhibition of Paintings by David Partridge, Jean Osborne & Dennis Osborne” dated 18th-30th January, of which I have no year, but presumably is either 1954 or 1955, as David Partridge left for Paris in 1956, and held a solo exhibition in the gallery in that same year.

    Can anyone assist me with information on this exhibition or any others? Any information on their works or life in St Catharines, or any clues as to where I should look would be gratefully received.

    Andrew Furey
    Belfast, Northern Ireland

  3. Mary Fisk-Shute said

    To Whom it May Concern,

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone had any information and history on the street Welland Ave in St. Catharines? My father said he use to work for a place/company that made furnaces across from the book dept. I’ve tried to find any information on this and have no luck. I would appreciate any assistance that you may be able to give me on this. Thank you for time and look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Charleen Goodwin said

    I am looking for information or would like to purchase a book on the Masttison (sp?) farmhouse at 435 Pelham Road in St. Catharines..

  5. Gillian Draper said

    Hi, I am looking for information on my Grandfather Arthur Whittle. He was born in 1899 in England & moved to Canada abt. 1913. He lived in Pelham road St Catharines & was a horse dealer. In June 1936 he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge over the Welland. I was wondering if there are any newspaper reports. He had a very young family & intrigued to find out why.
    Best regards
    Gillian Draper

  6. Janette Holtzman said


    I’m looking for any information you might have about 44 Ottawa St. in St. Catharines. It belonged to my Great-Great-Grandmother for many decades, but I’m curious as to when it was built, the style of the inside of those houses in that area at that time, and if there are any photos of it laying around during the time that my ancestors owned it. She died in 1995 at the age of 108 (she’d lived in the house until she was around 100, give or take), and I believe she and my Great-Great-Grandfather moved into it right after they were married in 1907. Servos is the surname.

    Anything you can help with/find/show me would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

  7. Lindsay Demarco said

    Just curious if anything odds has happened in my ho e I’ve recorded voices and orbs I live at 20 henry st. St catherine’s

  8. Kay said

    Hi, looking for any historical information on buildings used on Carlton St as speakeasy’s. specifically at the Ontario St end. Thank you in anticipation.

  9. Alex Gardiner said

    I am looking for more information of what the property at 55 oakdale st Catherine’s used to be before it was a recycling plant. I have heard rumors about it being used to possibly service boats or trains from the old welland cannel but can find no real information on this. As well looking to see if it played any part in historic merriton.
    Thank you

  10. Tracy Vlasic said

    I have a st cathrines foundry cast plaque from the Ontario st foundry has gm on first pour date and last pour date i heard GM is offering a fee for these but i dont know who to contact

  11. Jenny Masur said

    Rev. Alexander Helmsley died in St. Catherine’s in 1855. He had escaped slavery in Maryland and lived in New Jersey until a court case made him flee. He had a wife Nancy, and was involved with the AME Church. He was interviewed by Benjamin Drew which is helpful.

    Can you find out more about his life? Was he a farmer or own farm land? What happened to his wife and family? Was he active in St. Catherine’s community? Where is he buried? Does he have Descendants? Did he leave any letters or other papers?

    Anything you find out would be helpful? Thank you.

    • linda said

      Rochelle Bush(very nice lady)knows a lot about the people you mentioned. She is associated with the Salem BME Church ion Geneva St., St.Catharines. She could answer your questions, as she is like a living encyclopedia of that period of history. Hope that helps!

    • Bill said

      Search Google for “Reverend Alexander HEMSLEY” and several items about him are available.

  12. Kristen Dias said

    Hi there! Looking for any information/stories relating to 62 Welland Ave, St. Catharines. I recently purchased the building and would like to put some history/stories together about the property to have displayed. Much appreciated.

  13. Linda Stinson said

    Are there assessment or land records or some other city records for 1840’s, 1850’s. Unfortunately the 1851 census for St. Catharines is missing. Specifically prior to 1846, I’m looking for records pertaining to Samuel Stinson, builder of the Russell Hotel who died by poisoning in 1846. His wife Ann, and gentleman friend, Henry Byron, aka William Henry Holmes were acquitted of murder. So after 1846, any record of her, of Henry/Wm. or the 7 children. I’ve only identified 6. I’m also looking for any mention of Samuel’s father Thomas who also testified in the trial. I recently discovered (through a DNA connection) that I’m descended from them, through Thomas Jr. who was 10 yrs old when he testified at the trial. Any help appreciated. ljstinson@hotmail.com

  14. Laura DeJonge said

    Looking for information on the history of Homestead Donuts (especially in the 60s&70s and while on lake street). My dad has always told me little bits and pieces about it and my grandfather’s involvement in it but I’m looking for more knowledge. Thanks!

    • Myles Derreck said

      I’m pretty sure that in the late 60’s to early 70’s, Homestead Donuts had a factory located on the south service road between Lake and Ontario Streets.

  15. Angel hodgins said

    I am looking for information and pics , of a barn fire in St. Catharines on 5th st , in 1978,1979? 57 horses died. It was originally called silver acres riding academy..


  16. Beverly Woods said

    I am researching Reason Williams and Mirinda Brady Williams in London and St Catharine Ontario Canada. 1825-1861. The had many children, Moses, Walter Hamilton, a daughter, Anna, etc. Any information valuable to me. I have a history on Walter H. Williams. He came to the U S in 1865-1868.

  17. Margaret Bosje said

    I’m looking for the Names and pictures of flea markets that have closed down in the St.Catharines area over the past 50 years.
    It’s just a family reminiscing moment we are doing.
    If you could please send me some names I can do the research.
    Thank you so much.

    • Darcy Boese said

      I won’t have a fully comprehensive list by any stretch. And I’m fresh out of pictures. But when we went out on our flea market trips, we went to:

      * The Pen Centre (it was otherwise CLOSED on Sundays!)
      * The Fairview Mall (ditto)
      * Paul’s Auctions (Vansickle Road I believe?)
      * Jordan Hollow Flea Market (and Butterballs!)

      All of these pre-dated the now-biggest flea market on Turner Crescent.

      I remember going to a flea market in Welland a couple of times, but cannot for the life of me recall its location.

      A more recent closure was one on Ontario Street, at the location where Epic Gaming recently closed down.

  18. Bob Rolston said

    Hi, I am looking to see if anyone has come across any old photos of Imperial Iron Corp, later Anthes-Imperial from 1930-1960 in St. Catharines.

    Also, trying to track down my great, grand-uncle Frederick Arthur Rolston (born May 05, 1896) who was living in St. Catharines up until about 1964 (and working at Anthes-Imperial), not sure where he ended up and hope to find his final resting place…

    Thanks for any help!
    Bob Rolston

  19. Hi there,

    I’m working with the Fitzgerald Neighbours neighbourhood association on compiling a history of the neighbourhood. I’m hoping someone can offer some insight into the Fitzgerald name.

    Who or what is the neighbourhood named after? I’ve found some information on a local 19th-century merchant named Richard Fitzgerald but am unsure if he’s the namesake. I’m hoping someone can confirm or deny this, but any other information is also greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  20. Gerry poulton said

    Hi there around 1952 for a year my mother Irene Olive York and her 2 children and husband Gerald York lived in an appartment above 62 Welland avenue on the corner of Lake st St Catherines . My step father was accused of murdering his sister in law and my mother returned to England with us two boys. Do you have any information on this event or the shop there that sold ice cream my older brother was 3 at the time thank you gerry poulton

  21. Darcy Boese said

    There is an object in Jaycee Gardens dated 1947, I’m including a link to a Google Streetview page below

    It’s a short cement ramp labeled “1947”. It’s directly along the path from the Third Welland Canal, except … by that date, to our knowledge that canal had already been filled in. And my little bit of research a la Google says that the area had been used as a landfill in the 1960’s.

    We are hoping that somebody can identify what this was, and what it would have been used for.


  22. Cindy Stitt said

    Hi there. I heard that a young man went missing from Hodgkins Ave in Thorold South in the ’70s. I was wondering what his name is and if he was ever found?

  23. Judy Craig said

    As a kid I lived at 32 Geneva St. We had the scarriest basement. It seemed cold damp and dark with divided rooms. I was so frightened of our basement that for all the years we lived there I couldnt bring myself to walk through it. Did anything ever happen at this address. My father and stepmother once saw a floating woman in our livingroom.

  24. Ritchie said


    I am inquiring about a barbershop I used to go to as a child in St. Catharines. I do not remember the location since I was pretty young. My dad used to take me there in the mid 1990s. The barbershop was owned by an older gentleman and he was an RC plane enthusiast as the shop also displayed and sold RC planes.

    Any information about what happened to the shop and owner would be appreciated.


    • Dave McDonnell said

      The shop was on Scott Street between Niagara and Grantham on the south side of the road. The owner was an elderly German gentleman I believe, (based on his accent). He sold RC aircraft and other things like that, and also did passport photos. I can’t remember the name of the shop, but there is now a couple of new buildings on the site…one is an architectural firm I believe.

    • Bill said

      Mr Hans Bredl, 458 Scott St; he retired. He mentored untold numbers of “aviators”

  25. Brian Weaver said

    Currently reasearching Sopwith Camels built here in Alloa, Scotland. I have serial numbers of presentation aircraft (bought by communities/individuals for the war). Once funds were raised, aircraft was bought & community was presented with a photo of the named plane. One of these Camels was C6714 “Queenstown (13th October 1812)”. Im guessing that this was maybe funded by the Niagara area or I notice that William Hamilton Merritt gave a donation of 2 aircraft to Britain & wondered if this was one? I believe his great grandfather was in the battle? There is another presentation camel C8384 St Catherines Ontario although not built by the Alloa factory. Was wondering if anyone had heard of these an if there was photos anywhere? If so would it be possible to enail me a copy? Happy to share any the info I have. Thanks Brian Weaver

  26. Gina said

    I recently purchased a rocking horse/chair. From what we can make out, on the bottom it is stamped
    McLaren & Co.
    19 & 21 St Paul St.
    St. Catherine’s Ont.
    It also has the words costumes and orders but can’t make out the rest. From research we had done previously we found an article about a Robert McLaren. Trying to find out the history of the mercantile it was manufactured in.
    Thank you.

    • Simon Green said

      Hi Gina, Robert McLaren is my wife’s great great gfather. McLaren & Company, Limited – in 1848 R. and J. Woodruff opened a general store on St. Paul Street. Robert McLaren joined the firm in 1865, and in 1883 he and his brother Alexander took over the store and renamed it McLaren and Company. Robert died in 1917 and in the mid 1920’s the store was taken over by the Canadian Department Store, a division of Eatons of Toronto. The three buildings of the dept. store (17, 19 and 21 St.Paul Street) were gutted by fire in 1936 and were demolished. A new store was built in 1937 and then demolished in 1978, the site now being occupied by the One St.Paul Street complex.
      Regards, Simon

  27. Beverly Woods said

    Looking for information on my Great Great Grandparents Reason Williams and his wife Mirinda Brady Williams who left Birgigia in about 1825 and settled in London Ontario Canada and St Catharines.

  28. Liz said

    My great great Aunt was Henrietta Hainer..descendent of One of founding settlers Jacob Hainer. I understand her home was once on the land that the gates to Ridley College now stand.
    I have a photo of my mother at this house in 1918.. a lovely garden party.
    Is there anyone in St Catherines i am related to?
    Liz Gibbs
    Calgary Alberta

  29. Diana said

    Wondering where the famous the castle was located in st catharines. In the 1960s.

  30. Adam wale said

    I have noticed that an old foundation has been unearthed at 111-113 church street. The workers seemed to be taking there time to uncover the remains with great care. Since this time the construction has stopped. I was wondering if their finds had any historical value, or what might have been there? I thought at first it was the old legion building, after looking at an old map it was probably the building next door, closer to court street. Thank you!

    • Jessie Mandley said

      I believe you are referring to the Monument that was moved from the Legion to out front of City Hall. I do not have the family name but the story is something along the lines of the movie Saving Private Ryan. The monument and poss remains were for one family that sacrificed everything & a mother who lost all of her boys for our freedom.

  31. Melanie said

    Good morning!
    I am researching the St. Catharines Poltergeist of 1970 and have several questions regarding the timeline and any police records that might be available. If anyone has information about the case, information about how to obtain records, or personal stories about public reaction from the time, I would deeply appreciate it.
    Thank you kindly!

  32. Ted Bremner said

    I cannot find any information or photos/history of the school I attended during 1st grade; St. Andrews Ward. It was on a corner lot of Church St I believe. I was enrolled there during the 1952-53 term. It is now a commercial building but I cannot find a thing on this little school built in the later 1800’s. It’s a shame this building was not listed as an historical site.

  33. Clinton Thorne said

    Looking for the name of the toy store on Queenston st the corner of Geneva st in the 1950s 1960

  34. Aaron said

    Hey there in curious about the old relief house back in the 1900s on ontario street. My had had an article years ago that stated that behind the gm dealership is a grave yard. Would you happen to have any info on this. Thanks in advance

    • Ian said

      It was on the west side of Ontario St. behind Ed Learn Ford. There’s a graveyard back there and the I believe one of the old farm buildings is still in use out behind the dealership.

  35. Andrew Lindsay said

    I am looking for great grandfather john bell … he passed in 1933 due to the accident at lybster cotton mill where he employed as an electrical apprentice.

    I was looking for where he was buried .. info on the accident etc.

    He was electrocuted.

    Images of him and his family would be nice .. also the homestead.

  36. Kimberley said

    Hello…. I was wondering if you could tell me when the St. Cathariens last had a 4 digit phone number..? I have one of their letter openers from that era..!!!
    Thank you Kimberley

  37. Mark. MacSporramn said

    Mark MacSporran

  38. Bruce Walchuk said

    Can you assist with any further information? “The boiler of the steam saw-mill belonging to Mr. Hutt of Ten Mile Creek,exploded, l7th inst., killing George Smith,whose relatives reside in West Flamboro. Two men were injured, one of whom, Jacob Jackson, is not expected to survive. – Christian Guardian Sept. 28, 1853, p. 162”. Trying to find SMITH’s grave or newspaper story on incident

  39. Megan Green said


    I am looking for historical records related to the property located at 563 Vine Street, St. Catharines. I believe it was previously a vineyard. Specifically I am interested in finding any images that may be available.

    Thank you,

    Megan Green

  40. Catherine webb said

    Does anyone have information about Campbell’s Mills in St Catharines? It was located on Twelve Mile Creek and started by Robert Campbell on land received for service in the Revolutionary War. He died in 1823 and I have a newspaper ad from 1828 for its sale by his son Peter Smith Campbell. Thank you!

  41. Marilyn said

    Hi I’m trying to make the connection between Martin man and his mother Elizabeth Soper wondering if you could help me thank you Marilyn

    • tafard said

      SOrry could you explain more

    • tafard said

      Hi could you explain more?

      • Marilyn said

        I am working on proving John Soper as a United Empire Loyalist, but I am unable to connect Martin Mann as the son of Elizabeth Mann Soper. Since the Soper are buried in St.Catharines, I am hoping there is something you way to connect mother to son. Thank you for your help. Marilyn

      • Marilyn said

        Hi Just wondering if you were able to find a birth record for Martin Mann listing his mother as Elizabeth Soper Mann? thank you

  42. Shirley Powell said

    What was at the southwest corner of Carlton and niagara sts

  43. Jessica Boyt said

    I’m looking for any and all history of the property for 50 Eastchester Ave st.catharines, mainly deaths that have occurred on the property or in the residence.

  44. Shirley Powell said

    I was wondering if anyone recalls the factory that was located on the southwest corner of Carlton and niagara. What was made there and when was it torn down

  45. David Foster said

    Looking to find out what my grand father Ralp Foster insurance brokerage business was called?, he was in business in the 1950s and 60s in st. Catharines Niagara. He also had a radio show on cktb the country station.

  46. Shirley Bailey said

    Thank you that very kind of you

  47. tafard said


    I am desperately look for a Crter family who gave their son (birth name Gregory Mark Carter) for adoption in 1952.

    Please if any one knows anything of a Carter family living there at time and might know anything let me know.

    The adoption was private and a person wih they name of Dr. Clubine was involved in helping both families.


  48. Matthew Roblin said


    I’m looking for information on a mr. Hertzberger
    (Sp) who apparently murdered his family and committed suicide in the early 40’s to early 50’s. He was a engineer from Germany. My father was a illegitimate child of his born in 1944. Any information would be extraordinary.
    My father was given to his adoptive family in 1944. Thee names were Robert and Betty roblin

  49. Morag Townsend said

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for information regarding the age of my home in Merriton. I suspect it was a home guilt for GM employees, and would therefore guess it dates from the mid- to late 1950s. Any help would be much appreciated.


  50. Susanne Häussler said

    Hello, I am Susanne Häussler frommen Munich Germany.
    Since a few years I do Researches for my family. Arround the year 1912 an uncle of my grandmother immigrated to Canada, Windsor Ontario. His name was Georg Rusnok. Now I read about Marion Rusnok. My question is: could it be, that she is related to this Georg Rusnok and his wife Antonia Rusnok (born Nowak)?
    It would be helpful to me to get an answer. Ich will visit Windsor Ontario this Summer .
    Thank you for an helpful.
    Best regards Susanne Häussler

    • maggie likavec said

      Marian Rusnak was kidnapped in around 1948. It was tragic news in the city where everyone wa glued to the radio for uodates. Chamberlain was hanged with no body found. I believe a milk bottle and some remains were found in the furnace in the canning factory on Lake st.

  51. mark Harrison said

    Thank you
    It would seem to come from Louth in Lincolnshire England
    The word Louth probably came from the Saxon word loud from the loud gushing river

  52. Rick Allen said

    I am looking for photos and information on the following NIagara groups
    Most were active in the 1950’s early 60’s. Any assistance is most appreciated.

    • Lynette Filipov said

      Try asking in the Niagara Regionnaires Facebook Group. I believe some in our group would know.

      • Anna said

        I just tried on FB and received this messge “We couldn’t find anything for niagara regionnaires facebook group.”. I’m looking for folks surname, Dennis or Hamlin or Hoban

      • Lynette said

        The group is called Niagara Regionnaires – DCA Finalists 1981!

  53. mark Harrison said

    Thank you for your response
    What I was really looking for was where did the name Louth derive from ie was it named after a person

  54. Marilyn said

    Looking into any information for 44 Rodman st in St. Catharines . I am the superintendent and am curious about the building .

  55. Carol Shore said

    Was there a drug store in St.Catharines owned by a person whose name began with Mc or Mac?

  56. Nancy Smith said

    Can anyone tell me when Mountview public school 5th@8th Street Louth was built and when it closed ? Also any other.known history about the school.

  57. James Taylor said

    Can you tell me the name of the St. Catharines Police Department “Chief Constable” or Chief of Police in 1928? Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you

  58. Mario Luescher said

    I am looking for an old newspaper article, published in the St. Catherine Standard around 1960, about my Grandmother talking about the frustrations of women living in Alaska. The editor of the article was Judy Patrick; and the title of the article was “Alaska frustrating, Hard, Exciting”. The section of the newspaper was titled St. Catherines Woman Finds

  59. Judy said

    Searching for Carol Bain of Port Dalhousie 1960’s. Married Stan? 1962-1966? St.Catharines

  60. Calvin Jefferson said

    Where might I find old photos of ST. Cat’s old theatres, King George, The Grand, Griffin’s Opera House, etc.? THANK YOU

    • Shirley Vaillancourt said

      Have you tried the public library they have a genealogy area in the St. Catharines library

    • Technical Support & Innovation Committee said

      The St. Catharines Public Library “Special Collections” has file folders with pictures sorted by topic.
      Mark C

  61. Doug Strucke said

    I was wondering what year 185 Queenston street in St.Catharines was built & if it has any historical significance, thank you.

    • Dorothy Winter said

      185 Queenston St. Was built and owned by Sam and Lilly Backus (spelling)
      He had his barber shop and Lily her beauty salon. With apartments Lily and Sam lived there as well.not sure what year it was built but maybe in the 60’s or before

  62. Pat said

    Strange question, but do you know the name of the store on St Paul’s that sold wedding dresses in the 1970’s?

  63. Tim battrick said

    Hi there I am doing some research on my great grandfather … In the 1940,s he owned a large fruit farm in Louth ont now Jordan station . He owned at least 90 acres in the 40 to the 60,s and sold most off in late 1960 and 1970 his name was John kump Sr. Any info on this would be great I have one of the lot numbers its lot 18 concession 5 ? Thanks Tim battrick . Tbattrick@hotmail.com

  64. Ginger Major said


    I was hoping that you might be able to help me.

    I need to look at newspapers in the Niagara region, hopefully St. Catharines specifically, from October – Dec. 1850 to confirm if the number of refugees (Black Americans) predicted to leave due to the Fugitive Slave actually did. There were reports from anti-slavery supporters that indicated that 1000’s were landing in St. Catharines and I need to verify if the predicted was actual. I would guess that if there were thousands that the need would have resulted in concerns in print. I know that there is an abolitionist paper in Sandwich, Windsor but am looking for newspapers after the Fugitive slave act to determine migration.

    • Shirley Vaillancourt said

      Public library has a genealogy area plus micro film

      • Anna said

        Shirley, this question has nothing to do with this query, but I’m looking into folks who had anything to do with my grandmothers house and the name Vaillancourt comes up ( I see various spellings ..Valencourt, Vallencourt). Do you have any relatives from Welland especially married to a Hoban in the early 1900s?

      • Shirley Vaillancourt said

        Hi there my husband is a Vaillancourt.there are many variations of Vaillancourt. We don’t know any relations from Welland. Are you on ancestry. If not I could possibly do some research but try the public library directories and see if you can find anything

      • Shirley Vaillancourt said

        Anna I went into the directories and on I think it was aqaduct street in Welland this could be the wrong spelling of the street there was a mrs Frank Vaillancourt widow and underneath a William Hoban and a miss Minnie Hoban. I hope this helps.
        There seemed to be more then 50 Vaillancourt families in Welland at the time it must have been a French community.

      • Anna said

        Thank you. Yes i have checked the City directory for Welland as well as newspaper notices. was just taking a shot in the dark to see if you were related. !

  65. Mark Harrison said

    Where does the name Louth street come from as in seventh street Louth

    • Alex Wynands said

      the current city of St. Catharines comprises portions of Louth and Grantham townships which were two of the original townships in Niagara surveyed in the 1780s-1790s… in order to denote that that portion of Louth township became part of St. Catharines during amalgamation in 1876, the “Louth” suffix was attached to the street name…

  66. Jackie McAtee said


    I am looking to find some old photos of St. Catherine’s that I could have digital copies of and frame them as a gift. Could you point me in the right direction of any services in St. Catherine’s that might be able to help?

  67. Cassandra said

    Hello, lately I’ve been doing some research into haunted areas of the Niagara region. I have been a resident on Page street for roughly 8 years and our house has some strange things happening in it. Called in a paranormal investigative team as well. Upon talking with other neighbours I’ve come to learn that many houses on my street (located on the side of Page street connecting to Manning) seem to be haunted, some not so bad like mine and others severely. One of my neighbours had informed me that Page street and Manning were originally built for workers from the the railway to live, both management (page St) and labourers (Manning). What I want to know is first- is that true of my neighbourhood? Second- did they have anything to do with the building and construction of “Merrit tunnel” better known as “Blue Ghost Tunnel”. I understand many graves were desecrated in the construction of the second and third canals as well as the creation of that tunnel as some grave stones can still be found in that area.
    Any info regarding my neighbourhood would be appreciated!

  68. Mark harrison said

    Where does the name Louth come from as in seventh street Louth
    Feedback really appreciated as I can’t find the answer

  69. elaine said

    Was there a train station in the 1960’s located near the current Geneva Square?And what other buildings were,formerly, in that area,around that same time period?

    • Jim said

      There was tracks that ran down Geneva no station went down passed Tim Hortons it went all the way to Niagra Falls and on to the States it ran car parts from Gm on Ontario Street

    • Myles said

      Hello. There was a train station, actually a street car station, located exactly where the Geneva Square is now. It was for the Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Street Railway company (NS&T) Passengers would buy tickets for streetcars going to Port Dalhousie, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fonthill, Port Colborne, Thorold, and Merritton there. They would board streetcars there and transfer from one to another as well, going to all these different destinations. Really cool stuff. We could use that today.

  70. David Favager said

    I am researching the Gardiners of St Catharines – especially Captain Henry Gardiner. He lived at Grove Cottage – probably on Vannatta or Venetta Farm near present day Gardiner Place. His son Edward was the Ontario Land surveyor and planted many of the trees that gave the city the title of a garden city. I have an article about this from the Standard 18.4.1959. The Captain wrote his life to 1812 in the Anglo-American. His daughter Julia (Fairfield) sketched the Gardiner farm – I would be interested to know if she did any other drawings of her home. I gather a history of the town was written in 1876 but I cannot find it online. Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

  71. Catharine Waldron said

    Trying to find out when and where Chambers Drug Store was in business in St.Catharines Ontario

  72. Karen Edwards said

    Have very old glass bottle from Greenwood’ City Drug Store, in Saint Catherine’s Ontario. Could you please give us some information on this bottle her company or the company thank you. OK done

  73. Lori Martin said

    Hello; I am looking for any information on the disappearance of my Aunt, Cathleen Sullivan who went missing at a Firemans’ Picnic @ Port Dalhousie in approximately the summer of 1945 at the age of 11. She lived in Toronto in the Avenue Road & Eglinton area and attended the picnic with her sisters & neighbours. She went missing when she went to get changed into her bathing suit. Her bathing suit was found but she was never seen again. This mystery has never been solved, no body, no answers and I was wondering if there is any record in your archives of this event. In this age of information access I just thought I would take a chance of shedding a light on this family tragedy.
    Thank you for your time & attention.

    • Ronn said

      Hi Lori Just saw this post. Was wondering if you ever found out anything about your aunt. Was curios as I just read about a young boy that went missing from Etobicoke in 1944 and also the Rusnack girl in St. Catharines in 1948. None were ever found. Very strange and wonder if there was a connection.
      Thanks Ronn

      • Susanne Häussler said

        Hello, my Name is Susanne Häussler from Munich, Germany. I make the Research of my Family. I found the name Rusnok Marion in connection with Ontario Canada.
        I found a Family member who imigrated to Windsor, Ontario in 1912. Marion Rusnok could be a member to this Rusnok Family from Oldrichovice in Moravia. Could anyone give me an Information about this girl and from that Family? Sorry for the mistakes,
        It would be helpful for me. I am coming this year to the USA and I also wanted to visit Windsor Ontario and if theese Rusnok would be members to my Family, I would come also to St. Catharines.
        Thank you and all the best Susanne Häussler

      • maggie likavec said

        Fay Jackson was at 108 St. Paul St. just down from Beatties and across from Diana Sweets. It sold wedding dresses on the top floor.

  74. Shirley Bailey said

    Do you have the address of Bernard Bennett


    I am seaching for information my mother Joyce Bennett moved from England to st Catharines when she was 6 weeks old and lived there until she was 16 years old she loved Canada and her child hood I would like to find where she lived and what schools she went to. He parents where Bernard and Ruby Bennett it would have been 30s to 40s.
    Please any info will do.
    Many thanks in advanced as I hope to visit from the UK

    • Heidi Goertz said

      From Rootsweb: The Bennetts apparently witnessed the marriage of Charles and Beatrice, who I assume was a relative. This places them in St. Catharines in 1927. Just a start….

      14849-27 Charles Edward HOLTAM, 39, widower, tool maker, Cheltenham England, St. Catharines, s/o Jesse HOLTAM, b. England & Georgina TOVEY?, married Beatrice Eleanor BENNETT, 35, Cowes – Isle of Wight England, St. Catharines, d/o Frederick BENNETT, b. England & Catherine May BROADWATER, witn: Bernard Lionel BENNETT & Ruby BENNETT, both of St. Catharines, 25 May 1927 at St. Catharines

  76. Ken Waite said

    I am looking for a cousin born late 1944 or early 1945. Father’s name Henry Grunau. His mother’s father worked at a place called Morton’s auto in St. Catherine’s. Henry was a soldier in WW2 and was buried in Italy.

  77. Kathy said

    Hello, I am looking for the history about 368 glenridge and what existed on this property as far back as you can go, until current, and if there was any deaths

  78. Jacquie Karabinos said

    My friend from Toronto visited us most recently as he was looking into his Family History.
    His great grandmother lived in St. Catharines from 1916 till her death in 1925.
    He had a picture of her sitting on the steps of a wide porch, attached to a two storey house. The picture was in an envelope with a return address on it of 149 Welland Ave. On searching out the location we found a small single floor home, not quite the same as the home in the picture which also had two large windows on the upper floor and a chimney on the side of the home (rather than in the centre). The letter was not dated but he presumes it was taken about 1923. We did locate her plot marker in Victoria Lawn cemetery which verifies her death in 1925. In trying to locate her home or identify the house in the photo, we are wondering if the numbering of houses/lots on Welland Ave. were ever changed in the 1920’s or later. Any info on helping us locate her home in St, Catherines would be helpful ….he does know she never owned property but must have rented a flat or home. Great grandmothers name was Margaret Kurten.
    Thank you

  79. Emily mcintosh said

    Hello, I live at 39 Manning street and we’ve been wanting to find out more about the history of the land, what was there before the home? If there were any previous owners, etc. Would love to know anything and everything you could find! Thanks in advance, email is fine for contact!

  80. Linda squire said

    What was the original name of the store on st. Paul st. That changed it’s name to opus not long after opening???

  81. Shirley Vaillancourt said

    I’m am wondering if anyone knows of a Cult in the 1930’s that had ties to St.Paul
    street in St. Cathrines Any names that were involved in this cult, information and
    where to search this also any info on the Ghosts of St. Paul street and if this cult was involved in anyway.if anyone has info on (Gordon Percy William Smith) who was involved in this practice, if someone knows how to get info from the standard on this man he was born in 1900 in chatham but lived in St,.Catharines,
    Thank you in advance
    Shirley Vaillancourt

    • Anna said

      I don’t know anything about the cult but I am looking into folks that lived at my grandmother’s house, and the name was Vaillancourt (or variations of that spelling, in the late 1800 early 1900 in Welland. Would you know about your family name.? thank you

      • Shirley Vaillancourt said

        I’m sorry I just read this reply
        Vaillancourt is my married name I am nee Winterford but my husbands family was originally from Saint Raymond Portneuf Quebec but they went off to Saskatchewan. There are many variations of the spelling of the Vaillancourt you can drop one of the l’s or you can drop the t you can put e’s instead of the a’s
        my Husbands family goes why back in Quebec and France and so many are related but I was born and raised in St.Catharines and I only knew of my husband and he came from Timmons ontario
        I hope this helps

  82. leo said

    I found this site very interesting, I was born on concord ave in the year1948, my dad worked in the drydocks

  83. Brandi Fess said

    Hello, i was hoping you could do some research on 105-111 Ontario Street in St. Catharines. I recently just moved here and some weird unexplained things have been happening. Has there been any deaths here? I keep finding pearly white marbles in the apartment…. they just randomly show up.. one showed up in my dresser while unpacking. Please get back to me soon, this place is creeping me out but i haven’t been able to find any answers. I just want to live in peace.


  84. Teresa Ricciuti said

    Do you have any pictures or information about Memorial public school’s history over the past 95 years?
    Thank you 🙂

  85. Lee-Anna Kokoski said

    I am looking for any information or pictures about my old gradeshools..the Original Grapeview school in st catharines in the 1970’s and St. Joseph’s Catholic school on Facer st in the 1980’s..i can not find anything anywhere about them. Can someone please help me at all?

  86. Jacqueline Mulder said

    My husband and I recently bought 44 George St. in St. Catharines. We found a note on a drawer in the kitchen stating that the house was designed by architect A. E. Nicholson.
    Just wondering if you have any other historical information about the home or any maps/photographs of the street in the past.
    – Jacqueline Mulder

  87. Jamie Douglas said

    Could someone please call me regarding historical significance of the homestead at Lakeshore Road and Loyalist drive on the north west corner.

    There is presently a large red brick home with a detached Carriagehouse and a long red brick wall.
    I would appreciate a phone call on my cell phone 289-407-3511 or an email

    Thank you for your cooperation. Jamie Douglas

  88. Sue Boles said

    Name of hardware store that closed a number of years ago on James Street St Catharines?

  89. Emilie said

    Looking for history of 1 York Street St Catharines Ontario.
    What happened in that house?
    Who died there and how did they pass.

  90. Paula M said

    Does anyone out there know where Mary St would have been located in the 1920’s. I am aware that there is a Mary St currently in the Cole Farm area in Port Dalhousie. My great-grandparents lived on Mary St from 1923 until at least 1934.
    I’m curious as to whether the house they lived in might still exist.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Paula M said

      Wow, serendipity brought the answer to me. Mary St existed approximately where the current NRP headquarters and public Library are. It ran parallel to Academy and James Sts, between King and Church Sts. Needless to say, my great-grandparents’ house no longer exists.

      Any info regarding the area at the time would still be appreciated.

  91. Kristy Priddis said

    Hi my grandfather david nicholas doel and greta doel was placed in st catherines home for 5 years in early 1940s roughly. Was wondering if you could please give me any information regarding them. I am trying 2 help my grandfather find out about his past at this kids home. Please if you have any information or even a statement to say that they were here can you please send it to me. It will be with great appreciation. Many thanks Kristy.

  92. Can anyone tell me if I can find records for the St. Catharines jail on Niagara Street for 1917 and if women would have been incarcerated there. Looking for a Mrs. Upson who was in jail for 6 months after attacking an intruder with an axe. She was later cleared as it being self defence.

  93. Paul Marquis said

    I’m trying to find information about a baby brother that died as an infant years before I was born. My mother was born and raised in St. Catharine’s 1908. The baby may have been born at 17 Niagara St. or St. Catharine’s General Hospital. My mother’s maiden name was Margaret Robida. Her married last name was Marquis; my father’s name was Joseph Marquis. The babies surname may have been David and he was probably born during the 1930’s, or early 40’s. If you can point me in the right direction as to where those type of records may be kept, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time,
    Paul Marquis
    Pace, Florida

  94. Ron Casier said

    On a recent visit to the Fonthill area, I passed a very interesting and unusual bank barn on the east side of Cataract Rd. a few km south of Short Hills PP. It has double threshing doors and a very distinct roof profile. Just curious about its origins and any other information on its construction.

  95. Rachel said

    I would like to see an old map of York street St.Catharines.. looking for the history of 23 York Street

  96. Kerry york said

    I found a leather glasses casa with glasses in the case saysB. Broughton “Optometrist 155 st Paul st st Catharine’s.And inside there is a paper that saysA.S.Brody manufacturing optician 142 st Paul st st Catharine’s advertising says eyes tested glasses from 3-50 and up phone 750j

  97. Shirley Horton said

    I am currently researching my grandfather, Maurice Rountree who emigrated to St. Catherines, ON from County Cavan, Ireland. I believe this was in or around 1882. His brother (first name unknown) is believed to have already been living in St. Catherines. Maurice may have been baker or worked in Woolen Mills.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    • Suzanne Bailey said

      Hi Shirley, I was wondering if you are on Ancestry.com already. If you aren’t on ancestry I’d be happy to go on my ancestry account and see what information/records were on there pertaining to your grandfather and his brother.
      Sincerely, Suzanne Bailey

    • Janet Jeffery said

      Hello Shirley
      I live on Rountree Rd in St Catharines. Rountree Rd use to be called Hillview Rd, which was in Merritton. St Catharines took over Merritton and changed the name to Rountree Rd as St Catharines already had a Hillview Rd. I was told that the name Rountree came from a man on counsel. He would most likely be a relative to you. We call our home by the name of Rountree as we feel it sounds lovely. Hope this helps
      Janet Jeffery

  98. Ms. LisaByford said

    Greetings. I am simply looking for Any type of Information regarding The Area of 1200 Louth St. St. Catharines, Ontario…. Which I mean , THE NEW HOSPITAL…

    • Ian Cameron said

      I believe that used to be the Pullford farm. There was an article in the St. Catharines Standard about it.

  99. Gail bartley said

    I would like to find a map or seryor map of 1149 4 street in St. Catharines my grandfathers farm was there it’s the fruit basket market now.how do I do this

  100. John Alston said

    I recently purchased two long narrow pictures consisting of four black and white photographs each. The photographs are of a 50 or 60 ft long boat being launched. The frames appear to be original and were done by Lincoln Art Glass, 355 St Paul St, St Catherines. The phone # is just 270. So I’m thinking the photos are local to St Catherines and probably from the 30s or 40s based on the picture content and the 3 digit phone number.
    I’m looking for any information or leads that you can provide. I can send pictures.
    Many thanks.

  101. Bob Bieda said

    February 13, 2014

    My Grandfather, Paul Bieda, came from Polish Austria (Galicia) to New York in 1910. He made a couple of Border Crossings between Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York where he settled. A Border Crossing document in 1913 said he came from his brother John’s residence at 257 Ontario St., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Can you tell me anything about that residence in 1913, and any possible official documentation of residents in the time frame between 1910 & 1913.

    Thank you,

  102. I am the research manager for the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority in Hammond, IN. I am trying to locate 2 actors that were in A Christmas Story. The actors are Bill Dywer and John Kennedy. Where Are They Now? They appeared in the scene of the little boy who’s tongue was stuck to the flag pole. John played the fire chief and Bill Dywer was also in the scene, This was filmed in St. Catherines and were local actors. I am trying to find out if these actors are still living in the area and contact information. Please help. Hammond is the home of Jean Shepherd and we recently had the Flick Statue installed at the Indiana Welcome Center.

  103. I am researching William Henry BATE, who may have trained as a machinist at the Shickluna shipyards or Oille machine shop in the late 1840s. Have any employment records or paylists survived from either company? Thanks!

  104. Keith Davies said

    Just had a look. It’s definitely a masonic symbol Andrea

  105. Keith Davies said

    A picture would be helpful. The only thing that comes to mind is a Mason symbol

  106. David said

    Hi Andrea, although I live in Belfast, N Ireland the symbol is common around the globe. It is most likely that someone either on the stone or who placed the stone was a member of a Masonic Order. Or but this is a long shot they came from here and they were a past Grandmaster of the Orange Order. I think the first suggestion is more probable.

  107. Andrea said

    I have a photo from a headstone at Victoria Lawn. In the bottom left corner of the headstone there is a symbol…it is a “G” with something of a triangle around it.

    I have exhausted all my known sources and continue to come up empty handed. The deceased lived in St. Catharines, died in St. Catharines and was born here. Does the letter G represent anything? Rowing? Businesses? Clubs? Any thoughts would be appreciated!! I subscribe ot this board, so please reply to this message. Thank you! Andrea

    • derek boal said

      the g stands for that the person buried there was a freemason..if u can check in niagara on the lake masonic lodge no 2 might have that person in their records of where he livedand worked

  108. Tom Lozar said

    Would someone know who owned Christopher’s Smoke Shop on James Street in the 1950s? Thank you, Tom

    • derek boal said

      tom.. the owner of the shop passed away 15years or so i know a person who worked there part time in the 60s

      • Gail MacInnes said

        do you know roughly how old that person who worked part-time at Christoper’s Smoke Shop was and do you know the name of the owner?

  109. David Stewart said

    David Stewart, Belfast, Northern Ireland asks
    I have been researching my family tree for some years and have a querie regarding a Great Aunt.
    Caroline Craig nee Bullick born 1893. She had been back and forward to Canada with her husband Colin Kennedy Craig but he unfortunately died at age 34 in Belfast 1926. Caroline “Carrie” Craig sailed again for Canada in Nov 1926 and shipping list states destination Government Hostel, Toronto, where she went after that is questionable.
    However she sails again to Halifax arriving 1 Feb 1932. The destination stated this time was 42 North Street, St Catherines and she is listed as a waitress. Could you possibly shed any light on wether this was a home or employment address? Why I am keen to discover this is that on both sailings there is no mention of her children. Marvin Craig abt 1918 and Doris Craig 1920. Any help would be great.

    • David Stewart said

      Sorry she returned in Nov 1931 not 1932 and was born 1893 in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.


    • Ebeth said

      Hello David, 42 North st. is a private family home. It is about a 3 minute walk from my Church st. home. It looks like an addition was made to the rear of the house at a later date from the original house. Google street view is available for this house.


  110. Barbara Weinar-Bublyk said

    I am seeking information about my great grandparents, Charles C. Coward and Anna Griffin. Anna was born in Port Dahousie February 13, 1856 to William, (1812) and Elizabeth (1812). I have nothing on Charles other than he was from either Michigan or Canada and that they were married on August 5, 1974 in Port Dalhousie and emmigrated to Buffalo. If anyone has any information, please email me at violetteacup@cfl.rr.com.

    Barbara Weinar-Bublyk

  111. John Coxon said

    I am asking about a steam engine that was built in the city of st. Catharines around 1900. All t know about it is was called a Ross. And it was discontinued because of the out break of ww1. I do have a poor black and white picture of the engine my great grandfather ran till about 1930 but other than that I have no other information. Any information on these engines would be helpful

  112. Francis [Frank] Periard. said

    My name is Francis [Frank } Periard from Alexandria Ont. looking for information for Patricia Ann [nee Brunt] Gagnier, the widow of Pvt.Joseph,Leonard Raymond Gagnier,Reg.# SB7286 2nd.Division of the RCR Regiment wounded in action during the Korean war,then Died of his wounds on Sept.30/53 in St.Catherines Hospital. Raymond and his brother Rolland and I were schoolmates in the 40’s at St.Margaret’s school in Alexandria Ont.
    I would certainly appreciate any help in locating Patricia Ann to offer my belated condolence in the loss of a dear and longtime friend. Raymond and I hadn’t seen each other since the Gagnier family left Alexandria for St.Catherines in the late 40’s.

  113. Melissa said

    If possible could you tell me the history of the building at 15 Wellington St before it became CHMA?
    Thank you

  114. Sandy Marshall said

    Hello In researching my husbands grandfather Pte. William Marshall I discovered that he may be memorialized at city hall in St.Catharines on a bronze plaque for WW1 soldiers killed in action. We never imagined this was possible since he was born in England but came over to Canada to settle and work in St.Catharines as a sheet metal worker than sending for his family (my husbands grandmother, father and uncle) who lived at 18 McGhie St. I was also amazed to find out he may have served with the 19th Lincoln Regiment as stated on his military papers when he joined the CEF with the 4th CMR. He was killed in action at the very onset of the battle near the French village of Courcellete at 3pm on Oct.3rd 1916. I am wondering how I can verify the information about the bronze plaque and especially about his service with the Linc and Welld Regt since this is where my husband and I met back in 1987 when we worked at and were married at the unit in 1990. It seems we have quite a history with them as our daughter was also a member and both our daughters married members of the unit. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  115. Peggie Makowski said

    I am looking into my family history and I am told that there was a hardware store called “Archibald Riddell & Sons” in St. Catherine sometime from 1861-1940. I would like verification that there was such a store with possibly a photo plus and information on the family members who owned this business.
    Thank you,
    Peggie Makowski

  116. Arthur Holbrook said

    I am writing a history of Oberlin College’s involvement in the abolition movement. I am researching Hiram Wilson of St.Catherines and his role. I am hoping to come to StCatherines to research Wilson. I am planning a brief visit in early May and would like to know whether, in addition to the historical society, Brock University has holdings regarding Wilson.

    Thank you, Arthur Holbrook

    • John Barnard said

      I have some scant information on Wilson. By chance, did you come across the name the Rev. Pelham Stanhope Aldrich (sometimes spelled Aldridge) associated with Wilson in any way? Will send along any info on Wilson I have, although it is brief.

      J H Barnard

    • Mr. Holbrook,

      This concerns Hiram Wilson of St.Catherines. How goes your research?

      J Barnard

  117. Phil Gracie said

    Hi..also does anyone have Historical Pictures of the old Pop Factory that was located at the end of Ontario st. and Lakeshore rd? It is now a Plaza..but i remember it as a child as i use to go find Full bottles of pop when it was Torn down..or Burned down?

    • Lynette Filipov said

      I think this was discussed in the Vintage Port Dalhousie Facebook group. Wasn’t it a Crush factory? Check out the group.

  118. Phil Gracie said

    Hi..i was wondering if anyone has any information about the old Haunted House on Church st? I remember as a child all the News in the Standard…things flying in the air..people being pinned to the walls..police detailed statements of what they seen.i no the Family eventually moved from the home and the Child was never Harmed again…does anyone have information on this?

  119. John Brontmire said

    Looking for any information about Martha Hurst, passed on about 1950. Husband was James Hurst. Thank you

  120. Margaret Wiedeman Smith said

    Henry Musgrave Blight (Jan. 5, 1853 – June 20, 1931) was my great grandfather, from what I can gather, he was a book seller. As a child, I can remember a very old newspaper clipping of a brick building with BLIGHT painted on it (the clipping has since been lost). Further back, another great grandfather Blight and his brother came over from England, both were architects who designed a few buildings in the area. Does anyone have any clue as to when, where and what the building with my ancestors name on it was? And if anyone in the area is also researching the Blight family I sure could use some help!
    Thank you in advance,
    Margaret Wiedeman Smith

  121. Kayla Monaghan said

    Hello I am wondering if there are any historical sites like burial grounds or areas of historical significance near Six mile creek in Niagara on the Lake?

    • derek boal said

      there are some societies who have that info in st catharines niagara conservation society .. ..they have found that in short hills at least 5 cementariesand might have more of the surrounding area

    • I. Cameron said


      There is a locally published book at the Niagara on the Lake Public Library about the cemeteries of NOTL….including maps with locations. That might help.

  122. Doing some renovations in my family home near downtown St. Catharines, I uncovered a newspaper from April 27th, 1893. Interesting stories for the day.

    • derek boal said

      could u send it through as i live down by the old general and info is hard to come by other than col.mclaughin og gm fame and mr hayes of hayes dana had homes beside each other on queenston st

  123. Ryan Graham said

    I’m renovating my house that was built in 1860. I would like to find the history of my house. Where can I research it’s history? Also, I would like to get a plaque with the date it was built. Does St. Catharines have a program for people to get these historic plaques? I never see them around here but places like NOTL always have them on the older homes.

    Thank you

    • I. Cameron said


      This is an old thread so I don’t know if this info is still required or what. However 1) Check with the land registry office in the courthouse downtown – they’ll be able to use your roll # and find out the history of the property sometimes back to the original crown grant 2) Check the census records (archives.gc.ca) that are available from the 19th and early 20th century because if your house # hasn’t changed you can potentially get details regarding who lived there etc 3) City Library special collections or Brock U special collections will have fire insurance maps etc that can give you details about the house, valuation; it’s situation and outbuildings etc.

      There’s a start. Good luck.

    • Paula said

      Ryan, you can get some info in regards to former residents of your house and occasionally even their occupations by perusing the Vernon’s City Directory collection available at the St. Catharines Public Library in the Special Collections department.

  124. H.A.Locke said

    Trying to locate any info re John Marsh who owned a Tool and Die company in
    St Catherines Ont approx early 1950’s and his son born 1934? StCatherines or Toronto. Son believed to be Gary lived in Guelph approx. 1960. Any info on this family would be welcome. Apparently John Marsh was divorced about 1954 and filed for bankruptsy as well.

  125. Emily Bennett said

    I am researching my family tree,in particular George Gadsby -(b 1852) and wife Georgianna (Disher) b 1859. They were my ggg parents. Jennie Gadsby Ahern (b 1878) was my great grand mother and her son, Everett Gadsby (1900) my grandfather. Any information would be very much appreciated.

    • derek boal said

      disher was a strong name in st catharines and merrittionand had a lot to do with the developement of alot during the priod u mentionc

  126. Emily Bennett said

    I am researching my family tree,in particular George Gadsby -(b 1852) and wife Georgianna (Disher) b 1859. They were my ggg parents. Jennie Gadsy Ahern (b 1878) was my great grand mother and Everitt Gadsby (1900) by grandfather. Any information would be very much appreciated.

  127. Malisa said

    I am conducting research on the block that the downtown bus terminal is now located on (intersects with King/Chestnut or now Carlisle/Academy/and St. Paul). I’m trying to find out what buildings were there in 1885, and have found some fire insurance maps and city directories. Unfortunately, Academy and King seem to be really difficult to find information for regarding occupants and buildings… if anyone could provide some help, or resources to look at that would be much appreciated.

  128. Keith Davies said

    To you have any information on the 7th Field Battery (St. Catharines) or do you know of a published battery history? I have a bandolier dated 1898 manufactured in Ottawa and it’s marked 7 F.B. It was the habit , in those days, to mark received equipment with the unit.

  129. Ed Fraser said

    I am looking for the obituary of an old friend, Donald L. Jackson who died in 1991, or of his spouse Jean who died 1998. Both are interred in Louth United Church Cemetery, St. Catharines. Any information on descendants would be appreciated.

  130. barbara leek said

    interested in historical & geneological info of grandparents alice and albert leek. lived on marmora st.both from england.

  131. Matt Helm said

    I recently was given a family pocket watch that belonged to my grandmother. It has A. L. Jackson, St. Catherines, Ont. on the dial. I would like to find out any information I can on the person and/or company that made this watch.

    It does not run and needs a second hand. I would like to find out if they are still in business and if they are get it repaired.

  132. Ted Weir said

    The wife and I live in Beamsville. Every time we pass through Port Dalhousie we have to drive past the gorgeous dwelling at 20 and 22 Bayview Drive in Port Dalhousie. Can you tell me anything about the history of the house? It has to be one of the nicest places in Dalhousie.

  133. James said

    Hi, I’m looking for information about John McFarland of Niagara on the Lake. What were the names of his 5 sons? Where can I find some kind of genealogy? thx, J. McFarland, Saskatchewan

  134. Rachel Wiley said

    In Addition to SUZY’S situation, my father found a broken glass jar that had been unearthed by a paving company in the welland and york area. He pieced it together enough to see it said ‘Greed Woods City Drug Store St. Catharines.’ we were just wondering if anyone had context or knowledge about this business.

  135. Diane Euston said

    I am looking for any information about the Campbell/Ward family of St. Catherines. Margaret Campbell (born 1805-d. 1889 in Hamilton) married Charles Ward (a saddler) on March 21, 1824 at St. George’s Church in St. Catherines. I show that in 1834, Charles Ward was naturalized. He is listed as a saddler, living in St. Davids (nearby St. Catherines). I assume from this information that he was most likely a U.S. citizen who moved to Canada. I know absolutely nothing about Margaret or HIS family. I was told that her ancestors were from Argyll, Scotland, but I find that she was born 1805 in Canada. I cannot find ANY census records on him when he was living. The 1851 and 61 census turn up nothing; in 1871, his wife is listed as a widow. I do know that his daughter (my direct descendant), Sarah Jane Ward married in St. Catherines (along with her sister, Mary Ann) in 1856 at her father, Charles’ home. I have to assume that Charles died in St. Catherines sometime between 1857 and 1868, because he isn’t listed in the death indexes available.

    I believe saddlery and harness making may have been a family trade passed to his children. Their children (for certain) are as follows:
    Sarah Jane (born about 1834, St. Catherines. Married William Henry Newell in 1856 in St. Catherines)
    Mary Ann (born 1838, St. Catherines — married James Douglas, jeweler and mayor of St. Catherines)
    EF or FE (born about 1827, St. Catherines) **a saddler

    Possible children:
    George Campbell Ward (born about 1825, St. Catherines – d. 6 Feb. 1886 in Halton Co, Ontario) *** a saddler, most likely their child
    Thomas J. Ward (born about 1828, St. Catherines) **a saddler
    Charles F. Ward (born 1826, St. Catherines) ** a saddler

    I do believe all of these children were theirs. I really have no information other than what is listed. I want to know more about Charles Ward, his business, his death or any records available about this family. They were “early settlers” of St. Catherines, but I can’t seem to find any information online about them. Because I live in Kansas City, MO, it’s not exactly convenient to do extensive research! Anyone who can help me find out more about Charles and his wife’s family/ their story would be amazing!! I feel like there should be something on this family, since he for certain lived in the area from 1824 until his death at least 30+ years later.

    I hope to hear something about this!

  136. Barry Burns said

    I recently ran across a most interesting piece of public art tucked away in downtown St. Catharines. It is a deco bas relief of a very masculine figure. It is attached to the rear entrance of the federal government building behind the north west corner of the Farmer’s Market. Does anyone have any information on this art work? I am particularly curious about the artist and the history behind the piece.


    Barry Burns

    • Dennis Gannon said

      Here is an obituary that I just found on line for Helen Waimel Robertson, who did the sculpture to which you referred in your question. I don’t believe that the specific piece of sculpture you asked about is mentioned in the obit, but I know that it was she who did that piece (on the back of the Federal Building in St. Catharines, facing on the Market Square.) I have further information on her, not readily at hand, but if you want to get in touch with me at gannond2002@hotmail.com I can share it with you.

      Helen ROBERTSON
      Date of Birth:
      Date of Death:
      Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002
      Funeral Home:
      Morgan Funeral Homes
      5917 Main Street
      Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA
      L2G 5Z7

      ROBERTSON, Helen Waimel, A.O.C.A. – on Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Greater Niagara General Hospital, daughter of the late George and Alide Waimel, wife of the late A. Blake Robertson, predeceased by her daughter , Linda Staebler, sister to Endla Loney of Kitchener , and the late Hants and Olaf Waimel, sister-in-law to the late Vera Haist. Stepmother of John and his wife Yvonne Robertson, the late Jane Snyder Beckett and her husband Ray, Judy and her late husband Ted White, Lon and his wife Margaret Robertson and Margaret and her husband Ray Nagy. Also survived by her nieces and nephews Gioja Loney, Michael Loney, Sherry Curnew, Gayle Waimel, Endla Anderson, Victor Waimel, Anita Bateman, and 15 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren.

      Helen, a renowned sculptor, was born in Tartu, Estonia in 1917 and emigrated to Canada in 1926. At the age of 13, Helen won a scholarship to the Ontario College of Art where she graduated form the four year program in three years and was awarded the Governor Generals Gold Medal. Helen was a member of the Sculptors Society of Canada and made a considerable contribution to the sculptor scene in Canada. Her commissions included: Crest for the Niagara Falls City Hall; twelve Canada Coats of Arms and all ten Provincial Coats of Arms; Shields of Arms for Ontario Law Courts for various cities; architectural and ornamental sculpture for Workmans Compensation Rehabilitation Centre; sculpture for Cobourg Municipal Building; Stations for the Cross for St. Kevins Roman Catholic Church, Welland; work for St. Denis School, St. Catharines; large mural, 30 x 10 feet for Ryerson Institute of Technology, Toronto; Goddess suspended over pool in the Colonnade, Toronto. She also created many donated works of art and has numerous pieces in private collections. Many of her artistic works will be preserved at Rodman Hall in St. Catharines, the Niagara Parks Commission Greenhouse, and in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. A publication in the Niagara Falls Public Library describes in more detail the extent of Helens work.

      The family invites friends to the MORSE & SON CHAPEL (Family Centre) 5917 Main Street, Niagara Falls (905) 356-3550, on Saturday May 25th at 1 p.m. As an expression of sympathy, those who wish may make a memorial donation to a charity of their choice.

  137. Carol Merryweather ( Carter ) said

    I am trying to find information on Eileen Mary( or Mary Eileen) Cronkwright (nee Anderson) 1928- May1966. Lived in Merritton in 1956. Married to Kenneth Andrew Cronkwright (1926-1986), had 2 boys prior to their separation sometime before 1956. She had a brother Wilfred. Mother was Mary Scott ( 1907-1981) Father was Wilfred Anderson Sr ( d.1978)
    My questions are, how did she die?( she was only 37) Where is she burried? Is there an obit anywhere? Did she have any children after 1956? Would there be any way to find out information on the 2 boys ( Brian and Allan)? What relationship did she have with a Robert Galway?
    Any information would be extremely appreciated.
    Thank you
    Carol Merryweather

    • Andrea said

      With regard to the Cronkwright’s, I may have some firsthand information from some surviving Cronkwright’s. I will look into it and post here again in a few days.

  138. Debbie Marshall said

    I am trying to locate a photograph of the Singer Sewing Machine Store in St. Catharines, during the late 1950s, early 60s. Any help so much appreciated.

  139. John Couillard and Thérèse deBruyn said

    Dear members of the Historical Society,
    My husband and I are renovating an old house on Gale Crescent, in St. Catharines. After doing demolition work, we found several artifacts dating from the 1800’s, we believe.

    Recently, we found a thick concrete floor under our furnace room, that slopes down to a rectangular hole at the bottom of which is an old valve. Our contractor advises us that this hole will need to be filled in with concrete.

    Before we do this, we were wondering if inspecting or photographing this old valve would be of interest to any of your members, for dating or localisation purposes. We believe our house was built on an old mill site.

    Thank-you for your attention.

  140. MVB said

    I have a similar situation as Stephen Akehurst did almost a year ago. While cleaning out a property, we found a gasoline blowtorch with ETF stamped on it. I have pictures of the torch and can provide if it makes it easier. We’re just trying to put a year on when this thing was made, and hopefully a value.

  141. BATE & CLEMENT Families 1834-1853

    Thank you for this forum! Another researcher and I are writing up Henry Newell BATE Sr (1790-1843) who came to St Catharines in 1834 and whose children included Thomas B. (of the Taylor-Bate Breweries), Charles T. (later Mayor of Ottawa) and Sir Henry Newell, knighted for beautifying the City of Ottawa (all of whom, save Sir Henry, are buried in Victoria Lawn). As the lack of the 1851 Census returns for the area complicates research, are there any local pre-1853 records mentioning the BATE family? Also, in 1848, Charles T. married Minerva T. MUNRO, widow (with children) of James A. CLEMENT, originally of Niagara; are there any references to the CLEMENT family in the area, prior to James’ death? Many thanks again!

    Ian B, Ottawa

  142. Paula M. said

    I am looking for information about a store that had been owned by my great-grandfather, Fred Joyes, back in the 1920’s – 1930’s. He was a grocer, with his store located at the corner of Geneva St., and Welland Ave., where the Golden Grill is now located. Unfortunately, I do not know what the store was called.
    If anyone has any memories, pictures, etc. they are willing to share, I would be most grateful.

    Thank you!

    • Paula M. said

      I have since learned that my great-grandfather’s store was a franchise of the “Superior Chain Store”. I am still very curious as to whether anyone remembers this store or has any information about it.

      Thank you!

    • Paula M said

      In doing more research, I have discovered that my great grandfather’s store was probably not called “Superior Chain Store” , although it may have been associated with the chain.
      The store was located at 111 Geneva St and he owned it from 1921 until at least 1934 (I haven’t had a chance to look any further than that yet).

      If anyone has any further info, I would be grateful if it were shared with me.

    • ronn said

      Hi Paula it’s funny you ask. Was on Historical Thorold site yesterday and found out information regarding Patrick Donnelley of the Black Donnelly’s of Lucan. He owned a pub called the Mansion in Thorold but later moved to St. Catharines where he purchased the Geneva Hotel, which is the building at the corner of Welland and Geneva. The link is http://patrick-donnelly.webs.com/ The building has an interesting history.

  143. Suzy said

    we are putting up a new fence in our yard and began unearthing fragments of china as well as old bottles. some are from lyman and northrop toronto but half of one says greenwoods drugstore st. catharines , some words are missing and we are interested in more info. we also found a piece of pipe that says henderson montreal , we live by collegiate

  144. James Taite said

    I’m researching the architectural history of the Registry Offices of the province and was looking for any information on the Lincoln County Office, specifically the ca. 1868 building which stood on the southwest corner of King and Chestnut. In particular I’m looking for photos, drawings or documents related to the construction of the building (as well as anything related to the 1923 building on Ontario). I’d be very appreciative of any suggestions as to where else I might find this sort of information. Thanks for your time,

  145. kevin Mayne said

    I am looking for Information on The house located at 1 Montebello Place in St Catharines.

  146. Kate O'Hara said

    Researching family history- found in 1881 CAN Census my g-grandfather living with his parents, siblings: Lincoln, sub-district A, St Catherines (sic), Division 4
    and also in 1900 US Fed Census living with his wife and three boys in Niagara NY, 2nd
    g-grandfather John Joseph Sullivan (b. ~1864, Ireland-1934?) married Isobel “Bella” Burrows (b. 1871, Wellington, Ontario-1945, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
    g-g-grandfather James Sullivan (b. 1831, Ireland-? ) married Sarah Leah (b.1841, Ireland-?)

    I surmise that they came to Canada right after g-grandfather was born in aprox 1864, but don’t know for sure.
    Where would Division 4, St Catharines(1881 CAN Census) be located?
    Any genealogical research suggestions appreciated.

  147. E Goossen said

    We would like to know when the Disher St bridge went in over the Second Old Canal that connects Oakdale and Moffatt?


  148. Hi

    I work at the Loyalist Retirement Residence at 190 King St. I was trying to update our website with some historical information about the building when we realized nobody knows exactly what the building was before it was a retirement home. The common consensus is that it might have been a hotel but we’re not sure. Do you have any definitive information?


  149. melissa said

    I am writing to inquire about the history of a particlar building located in dowtown st. catharines. This building is located at 46 James street and is currently bein occupied by the Boot Shop. I am wondering if there is additional information on any previous owners of the building. I would be very curious to find out who owned the building and if possible would like the search to go as far back as possible.

    Thank you

    Melissa Bowles

  150. Ronn Martin said

    There is a parking lot on Lake Street between Welland Ave and Wellington. In the 1960s it was the nightclub “The Castle” and before that it was a canning factory. In 1948 a little 9 year old girl named Marion Rusnok went missing. A 34 year old man named George Sidney Chambers who worked at the canning factory was charged with the murder. He had apparently tried to commit suicide and in a week moment confessed to the crime although her body or no other evidence was found. They had claimed he had destroyed the body in a furnace at the canning factory. He also later recanted the confession. He was tried, found guilty. appealed, failed and executed all within 11 months. He was the only person ever executed in St. Catharines at the old jail on Niagara St. He was also buried there and when they tore down the jail in the 70s his body was exhumed and reburied a short distance from the grave of Marion Rusnoks parents. It was widely believed that Mr. Chambers was innocent. Partly because of lack of evidence and partly because his lawyer was found criminally insane and institutionalized a few years later. He had sent 6 others to the gallows.
    I first heard of this story as a little boy in the late 50s and although I no longer live in St. Catharines, the story still haunts me. I did contact the Standard a few years ago and they were helpful with most of the information that I have. However there must be more information about the case. Who was George Chambers, and what really did happen to little Marion Rusnok. If there is anyone who remembers this case, the family or Mr. Chambers or has information or how I can obtain old police records I would like to hear from them.

    • I am very interested in this case as well. I can find very little information of it. Any more would be appreciated. Thank-You

      • Ronn Martin said

        Hi Wendy
        Yours is the first interest anyone has had since my origonal query. Most of the information I recieved was from the St. Catharines Standard, which is probably a good place to start. Please let me know if you find out anything else. You can also look up executions in Canada and Chambers is listed but not a lot of other information. He appaently was married with a child so he must have lived in the area. It doesn’t explain why he was living in a dormitory in a canning factory in Dec. Canning factories normally close down in off season. It is a very interesting case.

      • Christine Gorski said

        I am also quite interested in this case and would love any information that can be found.

      • Jim PAyne said

        Hi Wendy, Ron & Christine; I was perusing historical records (Jan 27 15) to locate the any of the four offspring of Sydney George Chambers, who was executed a scant year from the time Marion went missing. You are not the only ones who think Chambers was innocent. Any information I found on the case was on micro-fish at the main library in t. St. Catharines. The case was instrumental in abolishment of the death penalty. Trial records were destroyed apparently because they had no room to store the transcripts. info is hard to find. What I do know is that the police withheld a vital eye witness account by a cab driver named Bert Mackesy. He was interviewed by the police three days after the abduction & testified that the man they had in custody was not the man with Marion when he picked them up at Karn’s grocery store. The defence was not privy to this until three months later & after the first conviction. There is much more to say but in a nut shell this case was nothing more than a judicial lynching of a innocent man. The jury in the second trial delivered a guilty verdict in just twenty minutes.

      • ronn said

        The information I got was from a reporter at the Standard about 10 years ago. The lawyer that Chambers had was later found insane and apparently spent the rest of his life institutionalized. He also sent 3 other men to the gallows. I have since lost the email with the information from a computer crash but I’m sure the standard would still have records. It’s a case I’ve been interested for over 50 years so please keep me posted on any information you might find. Thanks

      • Don Irvine said

        Hi Ronn, My father who grew up in St. Catharines used to tell the story that the little girl, Marion, went to the store to get milk. Apparently the milk bottle that Marion had was found in Chambers room. The reason that this story was so relevant for my father was that the milk bottle was from the Sanitary Dairy in St Catharines which his father, my grandfather, owned and operated.

    • Doris Cole said

      I am interested if you have anymore information now. It is very interesting case and I wpuld like to know

  151. Alan Norton said

    In October I attended a family reunion in Cumbria, England. One of the attendees asked me if I would help look for her grandfather’s brother & wife, Rowland Snowdon & Ruth Tallman who were married in St. Catharines on 4 Sep 1915. They had two sons, Joseph William b1919 and Barnard b1927.

    I live in Burlington, ON and am willing to make the trip to check microfilm records of the St. Catharines Standard that might have any notices of the above marriage and/or births. However, before making the drive, does anyone know if there are microfilm records of the newspaper available and if so is there an index or any way of checking whether the names show up?

    Thanks so much.

  152. Linda Carrington said

    1) I am looking for the date of death for Jane Eliza (King) Chace who married Dr. William Clossom Chace on June 5, 1844 at St. George’s Anglican Church in Grantham Twp. He remarried in 1860. I have found an internet listing without dates for a Jane Chace buried in Old Section C of Victoria Lawn Cemetary, Grantham. For Dr Chace (1795-1876) I have two burial locations, one at St. George’s Anglican Church with his first wife Celina (d. 1837) and the second in Mayville NY with his third wife Susan Shippee (d 1880).
    2) I would like to know if Jane Chace had any children, and if possible their names and dates.

  153. John Quist said

    When going to Thorold High School I dated a girl from Window Village.i was wondering where exactly was that located.


      Windle Village
      named for the builder was in Thorold South
      stil exists but mostly in memories


        the following from St Catharines Standard;

        Q: In 1915, when my grandfather came from England as a young man, he went to work for the Thorold glassworks. I’m not even sure
        where that was located, somewhere around Beaverdams, perhaps. I never thought to ask him about it, but my curiosity is piqued and I wonder if you could tell me something about it?

        A: The company was called Pilkington Glassworks and the plant was in south Thorold in Allanburg on the site of the more recent Hayes-Dana complex.

        Randy Barnes, president of the Thorold and Beaverdams Historical Society, said the company was started by two brothers in England who ended up creating the largest glass manufacturing firm in the world. Their operation employed around 10,000 people in England.

        The Pilkington brothers, William Windle and Richard, established their operation in Thorold in late 1915 and purchased about 200 acres of land.

        Barnes said interestingly, only about 40 acres was used for the plant, while the remainder was used to establish a village for employees.

        The company eventually built 200 houses as part of Windle Village — a name that’s still used by some Thoroldites when they refer to the area today.

        They also built a recreation hall so employees would work in the plant and then socialize in their after hours.

        “They had a Windle orchestra, a Windle dramatic society. It was a whole little community,” Barnes said.

        Barnes said they chose the site because there was a Grand Trunk Railway station on the property and it was next to the canal and a road.

  154. Jennifer Walowski said

    Hello – I am an architectural historian working out of Buffalo. I have been working on a presentation on George J. Metzger, a Buffalo architect around the turn of the twentieth century. Imagine my surprise when visiting St Catherines, I discovered a building at 88 St Paul Street East which has “Geo. J. Metzger, Architect” molded into the cast iron facade, coupled with the mark of a Buffalo iron works company. I found a date for the building online as 1869, but this seems too early as George Metzger was born in 1855 – he would have been the remarkable age of 14 when this building was built! Can anyone help me identify when this building was constructed? Thanks so much!

  155. Stephen Akehurst said

    My mother recently passed away and we have been cleaning out her house. We came across an old pipe wrench. I’m curious to know how old it is the the story of the company that made it. On one side of the wrench it says, “E.T.E. LTD. PIPE WRENCH” and on the other side it says, “ST. CATHARINES ONTARIO CANADA”



  156. Beth said

    Does anyone remember the Home Dairy &* Bakery in Zellers on St. Paul St. back inthe 1950’s. I would love to know what the secret was to their delicious salads.

  157. Norman Schools said

    Anthony Burns was a slave from Falmouth, Virginia, US. He escaped to Boston where he was arrested and tried under the Fugutive Slave Law of 1850. His case caused a riot in Boston. Later his freedom was purchased by Boston sympathizers. He was a Baptist preacher in Upper Canada. He died July 17, 1862 and was buried in St, Catharines–where? Can anyone provide a photo of his grave? Thanks, Norman, Falmouth, VA, USA.

  158. Kevin McNamara said

    The 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking is next yeear. Does the society have any plans to commemorate this? The attached url is for an article that says that a Titanic survivor – Neshan Krekorian – who had lived in St. Catherines for much of his life, died there in 1978. Presumably he is buried in St. Catherines.
    http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/surviving-the-titanic-the-saga-of-davit-vartanian-1303239741.html This article was from the Armenian Weekly of August 10, 2009.

    Kevin McNamara

  159. Judy said

    I am wondering if anyone has any information about a ship that sailed the Great Lakes and travelled the 1st Welland Canal.
    The ships name was The Chickaloney ( spelling could be off) My husbands Great-Great Grandfather sailed on it.

    • One possibility: Janet Carnochan’s 1914 “History of Niagara” records a steamer “Chicora”, originally built in Liverpool in 1864 for the Confederates as a blockade runner but afterwards refitted to accommodate the locks of the Welland Canal, in service between Toronto and Niagara until 1913.

  160. Sarah said


    While looking through my book collection I found one personally addressed to a Mrs. and Miss Burgoyne, and signed from 1893. I cannot tell the signature of the guests. Coming from St. Catharines and having grown up on Yates St. this has made me curious. If you could give me any lead on who the Mrs. and Miss Burgoyne would be from 1893 that would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • carol voisard said

      sarah, the burgoynes are an old st catharines family who had an estate near hainer street not far from the old welland canal.The estate is now and art gallery i believe.You could also try vernons city diretory online or at the library,carol.

  161. scott said

    I am seeking some information about the number 23 Lock that was on the Welland Canal. I am a collector and I recently acquired a Builder’s Plate that was from the Montreal Locomotive Works Limited. It is Dated March 1931 and is Numbered 23. On the back it is written ( from the Welland Canal ) Does any one in your group know if the Montreal Locomotive Works was the manufacture of the Gates ?

    Cheers Scott

  162. Lucy Grover said

    Hello I am looking for information on a Samuel Simpson and his family that went to Canada in the 1831 area from England. he came with wife Anna and and five children as one died on way over. If you have any records or information on him and his family please let me now. As time went on the children moved to Niagara Falls NY. Thank you Lucy

  163. Doug Stock said

    The old building that was just torn down for the new Brock Building had an ancient foundation it looked like the top two floors were built many years later. I would like to know what that foundation is from and what the history was

    Thank You


  164. Andrea Steed said


    I am researching the fmaily tree of ‘Bracken’.

    There was a marriage in St. Catharines August 1, 1908 at Grantham Church between Arthur Edward Bracken and Frances Kate Dyon. In the articles for the wedding, the writer refers to Arthur (Teddy) as being a well-known man in the area. He also owned a coal business with his brother-in-law, Austin Longley.

    When Teddy was married, it was stated the bride and groom would be residing in their home “Thorndale”, Carleton Street. Has anyone ever heard of this home?

    My husband is a descendant of Teddy’s brother, William Bracken and his wife Clarissa Longley.

    I am also interested in hearing anything about Clarissa “Clara”. After her husband passed, she remarried a gentleman – Kennedy was the surname. Her obituary makes reference to her well-known status in St. Catharines.

    Lastly, I am looking for some information on a Bracken – either Arthur or Vern – who worked at the Niagara Street jailhouse. There was another Bracken who was involved with the Fire Dept.

    I have visited their graves at Victoria Lawn Cemetery and I have a couple copies of newspaper articles, but any further information or photos that are available would be of valuable interest to us.

    Thanks very much,

    • Lars Bracken said

      You can find the obituary of Reta Bracken, wife of Elmer Saari, under the heading “Book of memories for Reta Saari at George Dart Funeral Home ”
      Reta was the sister of Arthur Vern Bracken. She also has a sister Dorothy Lavigne
      Reta died in ST Catherines 2009
      Vern was the owner of Bracken Coal Co. at 52 Maple Street, St Catherines

      Lars Bracken at l.brack@sasktel.net

    • Brenda Reeves said

      Hello Andrea,
      I am a decendent of Teddy Bracken – he was my grandfather. Perhaps we can share information about the Bracken family tree.
      Best regards,
      Brenda Reeves (nee Bracken)

      • Andrea said

        Brenda, I would very much enjoy getting together with you over coffee or lunch to talk about your ancestors. Your family fascinates me, specifically your grandfather. My partner is also a Bracken, however he descends from one of Teddy’s brothers. I don’t know how we can go about connecting through this site. My email address is andrea dot steed at gmail dot com. I have so much information, and I would love to find someone interested to share it with.

  165. Willam Cochran’s daughter Marion was widowed c. 1864 when her husband John Skilling died leaving her pregnant and with 4 other small children. She had to board the children with relatives and go to work in a woolen mill between 1864 and c.1870 when she remarried to a Philip Mcintosh. I think the woolen mill was in Merriton where her father lived because she is listed in the Gazeteer as Marion Skilling. I found the names of 2 mills in an article by Robert R. Taylor: Beatty and Henderson’s (active in 1880s at lock 8) and Disher and Haight’s (c. 1856 at lock 9). Because of the dates I think she might have worked at the latter one. Do you know if there were other woolen mills in Merritton and if there is a photo of the Disher and Haight Mill which I presume is no longer standing?

    Thank you for your assistance.

  166. I am researching for a book, my husband’s great great grandfather William H. Cochran who settled in Merritton (Grantham Township) after the American war of independence. He was a British (Scottish) soldier. Would he be considered a “Loyalist” and given a military land grant? He was born c. 1802 in Ireland but was Scottish and died 1880 in Merriton. He is in 1861 and 1871 census.

    He was a lock keeper on the Welland Canal. His wife’s name was Margaret and he had at least 2 daughters, Marion (m. John Skilling and Philip Mcintosh) and Janet (m. Hugh Hamilton). He may have married again to a “Jane”.

    I would like to know where he lived and if residence is still there (it says conc. 10 lot 11h and son William at conc. 10 Lot 12h – from 1879 Gazetteer). Was it a farm or was it in Merriton?

    Is there a list of all lock keepers that would shoe his name and which lock he tended?

    Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.

  167. Mandy said


    I was wondering what the history was behind the factory outlet flea market on 46 turner crescent, st catharines. My parents use to go on dates there. It couldn’t have always been a flea market, so if it was a factory before what did it produce and why did it close?
    I was also wondering about the Garden City Paper Mill? I live near the 2nd Welland Canal off of Oakdale (use to be Thorald road before amalgamation) and found a very old foundation next to the canal, along with a very old fire hydrant. Through internet searching I think it use to be the garden city paper mill but was unsure. Was hoping someone knew some information or had some pictures.

    Thank you.

    • derek boal said

      yes the paper mill covered that area and ithink ur on the right track and the foundation could also be from the building that lined oakdale ave for over 75 years

  168. Tina Robinson said

    I am hoping that you may have something in your archieves or if not can pass me in the correct direction .
    I need your help in finding information on (and or) relatives that lived in St Catherines and possibly Edmonton and Winnipeg.
    I am looking for the descendants of a great aunt of mine Caroline (known as Cassie) and her husband Tom Smith. Cassie married Tom Smith on 1.10.1921 at St Catharines Anglican Church, St Catharine, Ontario, Canada. He is recorded as a Butcher and born England.
    We think that they had a son Donald (who may have been in the navy in WW2 and he was married to ‘Madge’ and they had three children Don and possibly Gary and Gail).

    I am sure that Cassie and her older sister Lily went together to Canada between the death of their father in July 1910 and Lily’s marriage in Dec 1911 in Canada.
    Lily knew her future husband Charlie Dodd who was from Gateshead, and that marriage would be the reason why Lily followed him to Canada. Lily probably took Cassie because she could look after her as a married woman. (My Great Grandfather John Robinson died three months after his marriage to his third wife Marion (this poor young women (23) inherited on his death on top of the new baby she had just borne 6 young children from his previous marriage – he had 11 in total. including my Grandfather Thomas Robinson. These sad circumstances and utter poverty in north east England (Durham/ Gasteshead/ Newcastle/and in particular the mining villages or Merton and Easington where the family lived for a while etc)may have been a reason why Cassie decided to go with or join her sister to Canada c1910/20
    Both Cassie and Tom are buried at Victoria Lawns in St Catherines (but we belive they lived in Edmonton for a while)
    I have a birth year of Tom Smith of 1889 but apparently his record at the cemetary says he is 92 at the time of his death in 1974 which if accurate would mean a birth year of 1882. A decendant of Lilly’s (Peter Whittaker who is still alive at 97) said he remembers Tom and he said that the men ie Tom Smith and Charlie Dodd met whilst building the Welland Canal a huge project to connect lake Ontario to the USA for shipping and that were both English. That is how Cassie came to meet Tom and ultimately marry him. My Aunts Lil before she died also showed me a newspaper clipping that she had been sent by one of the aunts in Canada of a relative that had been awared the VC his name was I belive (but I can’t be sure) Earnest Alvic Smith, who was Canadian. If anyone has any idea how I can add or discount this ‘Alvia/Alvic’ fully it would be helpfull – it could. Unfortunately when my Aunt Lil died her grandchildren threw all the family papers and address books away.

    My cousin in Australia has been searching for the lost part of the family since 1961 so any help would be wonderful.

    Regards XX Tina Robinson
    Essex, England

    • Hello Tina, have you made any more progress with your research? I am now in the UK, where we have broadband!, although as we have just moved and I am recovering from a broken leg I have not done any research so far.Charles Dodd was a blacksmith, I suppose we forget just how much horses would have been needed in his day.My mother’s cousin Lincoln Dodd, now aged 88, say that Carrie Robinson met his mother Margaret, and they became friends, Carrie was a witness at their marriage. Margaret had been sent with her brothers and sisters to work in Canada after their father died, their mother was unable to support them. Margaret was over 100 years old when she died.

  169. Daryl Ireland said

    I am the owner of 105-111 Ontario Street. It is the brick Heritage building at the foot of lake street across from Montebello Park and beside St. Thomas Anglican Church. The building has a heritage plaque saying “William Greenwood – Carriagemaker”. It seems to be known by some as the Carriage House. I would like to find out more about the history of the building. If anyone can tell me where I can find out more information that would be very much appreciated.Thanks!

  170. I am researching information on the Rev. Pelham Stanhope Aldrich and the Rev. Hiram Wilson. I believe that Aldrich was an abolitionist as well as Wilson. I know that Wilson founded the British and American Manual Labor Institute for colored children. This organization aided fugitive slaves arriving from the U.S.

    I believe that Aldrich left Canada in March of 1841.

    The time period of interest: 1836-1842.

    1. Did they know each other (Aldrich and Wilson)?
    2. If they knew each other, in what capacity?
    3. Did either have any contact or association with the American Seaman’s Friend Society?

    Information on either of the two individuals or leads to continue my research will be greatly appreciated.

    I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

    J H Barnard

  171. Patti Hinan said

    I have just arrived at my new home at 71 Courtleigh in Port Dalousie. Apparently the home was built in 1870 and was part of the Cole Farm. I wonder if anyone can help me to further my interests and enquires.

    Thank you
    Patti Hinan

  172. Hello there,

    I am currently doing research for a book of poetry that I am writing about my great-great-grandparents who lived in Louth Township, between 1824 and c. 1855.

    I am looking for resource material about life in the area around that time – books, museums to visit, other texts, people to talk with, that sort of thing. Any suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks very much,

    Lauren Carter

  173. Suzanne Veenstra said


    I am doing some community development work within three neighbourhoods within St. Catharines. One of my areas of interest when looking at development is looking back to the roots of the community to see the foundation that the community is standing on and what can be done to help restore it to its once prosperous state.
    Why I am contacting you is to inquire if someone would be willing to sit down with me to give me a brief historic background on the three communities that I am working in so I can better understand who lived there, what it was known for and how to go to the place that it is today.
    The three communities are, Western Hill,(between St. Paul St. West, Louth St., and Pelham Rd.) Queenston Street neighbourhood (between Westchester and Geneva Street, Welland and Gale Ave.) and the Haig Neighbourhood (between Geneva and Ontario Street and the QEW and Welland Ave.). If there is anyone who is able to help, that would be much appreciated.
    Thank you so much.


  174. Gail Leeks said

    I am trying to trace my grandfather, David (Grant) Mitchell, who was born in Scotland in 1883 and arrived in Canada in 1902. He seemed to settle in Toronto and sometimes went to Buffalo, N.Y.

    According to a few pages of a diary that I have, he sometimes “missed the boat” and had to spend the night in Toronto. He must have travelled back and forth on the ferries across Lake Ontario. There is also a mention of him being in the hospital in St. Catharines on 17 December, 1915. He might have even been burried in or around St. Catharines. I cannot find any trace of him at all after 1913.

    Would there be any passenger lists for ships (or ferries) that travelled between Toronto and Port Dalhousie for the years 1913 to 1916? A list of cemeteries in the area might also be of help.

    Any information at all that you could supply me with would be greatly appreciated.

    Gail Leeks

  175. David Towers said

    I researching the family and businesses of Thomas Towers who immigrated to St. Catharines from England some time in the 1830’s. Thomas died in 1857 in St, Catharines. He was owner of the Novelty Works aka Novelty Iron Works. According to what i have read he purchased a foundry in Allenburgh and eventually moved operations to a newly built factory in St. Catharines by 1854. Among other things he works made steam ship engines. He also purchased a grist mill located at the old lock #2 eventually called the Towers Grist Mill. I am wondering about the locations of the businesses, or any records relating to the businesses such as how long they operated and what happened to them after Thomas died. Thomas Towers is my great great great grandfather. I do understand he built the home at 209 King St which still stands and is part of the Old Town walking tour. Any info you can dig up or would be able to point me in the direction of would be of great help to me piecing together the story of my family roots here in Canada. I think I have tapped absolutely eventhing that can be found on line. I am especially keen to see if any photos may exist in the town archives.

    When i have the “story” completed I would be happy to present what i have put together for the society as part of the historical record of the area of St. Catharines.

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide

    Dave Towers

    • Valerie Tessis said

      Hi Dave,
      Thomas Towers was my great-great-grandfather and I have much of the same information you have outlined. I may be able to fill in a few of the gaps if you would like to email me.

      • Jeff Towers said

        Thomas Henry Towers (~1810-1857) is also my third great grandfather. I have not been able to trace him back to england, nor find a death record, nor any birth records for his children. Nor have I found any pictures. Has anyone found any additional information on him or his wife Louisa Franklin. From the St Georges Parish records, I gather her father and brother were both named Robert.
        Any help much appreciated. Jeff Towers

  176. kimberly gerbrandt said

    My husband and I have Recently purchased a home at 307 Queenston St. in St. Catharines and are looking for information on the history of the property. If you would have any information or information on where we could start to look of information on the property. Thank-you Kim and Steve

  177. I made an error in my above posting. And mentioned the Oklahoma octagon by mistake. The St Catherines one is as follows:
    St. Catharines. Octagon house. St. Catharines is about 15 miles northwest of Niagara Falls. Built about 1852, perhaps earlier. One story, topped with a belvedere. Stone construction. It is shown on Marcus Smith’s map of St. Catharines, published in 1852. St. Catharines was formerly in Lincoln County, now part of the Regional Muncipality of Niagra. The home was long owned by Charles B. Thompson, a stock broker and dealer in sewing machines.

  178. HI

    I was wondering if you could shed any light on octagon houses that stands/stood in St Catherine (or forward this to a local historian).

    I am working with Robert Kline on the (non profit) Octagon Inventory online with pictures and info to collect and preserve the history of 19th century octagon architecture. His website is at:


    We especially are looking for a historic/current image of the house plus any data on it like time built, by whom, etc.
    We have them listed as:
    5 SE 28th St, Oklahoma City, OK:

    1301 NW 15th St, Oklahoma City, OK: (Not sure if it was once a full octagon.)

    I am not sure of your policy regarding aiding non profit, historical websites but thought I would ask since several dozen Historical societies and libraries have donated information and vintage photos to our educational, non profit website. Any info you can provide would help us in our efforts to compile the most comprehensive source of information about Octagon Houses ever.

    Any info would be appreciated and we would, of course, credit you as the source. We hope to catalog every 19th century octagon house built in the US/Canada.
    Thank you.

    Ellen L. Puerzer

    member of:
    Bay View Historical Society
    Soldiers Home Foundation
    North Point Lighthouse Friends docent.

  179. diego chaves said

    I am an artist with background in architecture and a student of Willowbank restoration art. I have been living in St. Catharines for the last 8 years and now due to my program and my care and interest for the city I would like to learn more about St. Catharines’ history and main buildings in the downtown area. I would appreciate the guidelines and documentation that support my research. I am looking for books, old files and photographs to make a beautiful art work about st. Catharines.
    Thanks for you support,

  180. Carol Merriam said

    I am wondering if there is a history, or documents, about Merritton Central Public School in its early years. I have a photograph of the teaching staff, posed in front of the school, in 1918. I know the full name of one teacher, and the first name (probably) of another.

  181. Mary Ann Rosas said

    I am a descendent of the Norris family of St. Catharines who were originally from Kilfinan
    Scotland. A NOrris cousin of mine in Chicago, Christopher Coy said you had some books I might want – Sincerely Lamented and Lately Lamented with obits of Norris family. Need to know cost and how to order. Thanks, Mary Ann Rosas nee Martin in K.C.Mo.

  182. Sandy Stephenson said

    I am looking for any information on my gr gr grandfather who came to Dalhousie Township with the Lesmahagow Emigration Society from Scotland in 1820. His name was James Barrie Jr and his wife was Ann Martin. They settled Con 6, Lot 9W, dalhousie Twp, Lanark Co., Ontario Canada 21 Nov 1820. They arrived with 3 children and had 7 more children in Canada. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Colin Affleck said

      If he arrived in 1820 and was part of the Lesmahagow Emirgantion Society, he probably came on the brig Prompt, ldeparting Greenock Scotland anding at Quebec. Thats all I have for now.Hopefully more later if you are interested. Regards, Colin Affleck

  183. John Edwards said

    I am interested i finding the grave site and any information on my late grandmother who was buried on August 23, 1928 in Fonthill Municipal Cemetary. Is this cemetary still open and could I visit it? How would I find where she is buried? I would also dearly love to find where my grandparents (Agnes and Percy James Edwards) and my late father (Albert William) lived. I think it was in either Welland or Fonthill. I believe they arrived around 1919. Any help would be greatly appreciated. John Edwards.

    • Patricia Oatley said

      Agnes Emma Edwards passed away August 20, 1928, Fonthill, Ontario. Publication date Ausust 21, 1928, Page Number 2, Record Number 33047.

      Notes: City and Vicinity Column, St. Catharines Standard, found in the St. Catharines Public Library:
      Agnes died at 38 years of age, having resided in Fonthill 9 years. She is survived by 6 children, including an infant a few hours old. She is survived by her parents and a sister. Funeral to be held August 23, 1928, the Church of England, Fonthill, Archdeacon Perry of Welland to officiate.
      Survivors Names: Percy (husband), Stanley,son, Albert,son, Agnes,daughter, Leonard,son, Edith,daughter.

      • Patricia Oatley said

        I forgot to mention that http://www.pedlarfuneralhome.ca has an archived obituary for an Edwards who passed away February 8, 2010 in his 93rd year. There are some of the names that were in Agnes Emma Edwards. On the record of her death and her baby’s
        the father of Agnes is William Whitlock from England. The writing of the name isn’t clear.

  184. Dan Sundy said

    Dalhousie Yacht Club wii be having its 75th anniversary in 2012. The recently formed history committee would be interested in any images, text or stories concerning the club.

  185. Greg Stott said

    I am writing a history of the Lutman family of London, Ontario and would love to hear from anyone who has memories of Margaret E. Lutman (1888-1969) who taught English and History at St. Catharines Collegiate and Vocational Institute from 1923 to 1953. She lived at the Avalon Apartments on William Street and then from 1934 to 1953 at the Melrose Apartments at 3 Church Street with her housekeeper, Laura Bell. I would like to include these stories and reminiscences in my published history.

  186. sandra trumbull said

    Looking for information on James Isaac Trumbull born 1833 in St. Catharines. He was the son of James Abner Trumbull and Elizabeth. Was wondering if there may be any connection between them and Dr. William Trumbull born abt. 1794 married 1819 in St. Catharines to Mary Lawrence Secord (daughter of Laura Secord) Any help most appreciated. Thanks.

  187. Hello,
    I am trying to find out the name of a working man’s hotel that operated in downtown St. Catherine’s in the 1920s until the mid-1930s. It was owned by an Englishman, Charles Yaxley. It was possibly south of St. Paul on the corner of King William across from the Welland Hotel. Any assistance is most appreciated.

    • dsharron said

      Your question was forwarded to the Special Collections Department of the St. Catharines Public Library. According to the city directories, Charles Yaxley was the proprietor of the St. Catharines House on (68) James Street. Below are the entries from some of the directories:

      Yaxley, Chas, wks Sanitary Dairy, h 151 Pleasant av

      Yaxley, Chas (Catherine E), prop St Catharines House, h 36 James

      Yaxley, Chas (Catherine E), prop St Cath House, h 68 James
      Yaxley, Chas, slsmn Sanitary Daire, James

      Yaxley, Chas (Catherine), prop St Catharines House, h 70 James

      Yaxley, Chas (Catherine), drvr Sanitary Dairy, h 151 Pleasant av

      The St. Catharines House is listed at being at 68 James Street in 1930,1933, 1934
      It is listed at being at 36 James in 1926 and 1928

      Please let us know if you need anything else.

      Sandra Enskat

      “The Harding Hotel, James at King,”
      “Yesterday and Today,” January 24, 2009 – courtesy of Dennis Gannon

      The building in the photo above left was called the Harding Hotel. It formerly stood on James Street, corner of King Street.

      For much of the 19th century, going back at least as far as 1844, the property was connected with the Bradt family of Louth Township. An 1852 map of St. Catharines shows a tavern on that corner, on property then owned by David Bradt, while the property immediately to the north was owned by a W. Bradt. (Bradts continued to own that corner property until at least 1891.)

      The footprint of the tavern building on that 1852 map pretty well matches the building we see in the old photo. Over the years, the tavern became a hotel, and over time bore a number of names – the Commercial Hotel in 1863, the St. Catharines House from 1865 until 1935, then the New Statler hotel for a decade or so, and finally the Harding House or Harding Hotel from 1949 until the building’s demise in 1987.

      The photo above left shows the original 1852 tavern building at the corner, and next to it two smaller buildings that were added to the facility during the subsequent century and a half. The section at the far left bears a sign saying “Harding Coffee Shop.”

      The old Harding Hotel was torn down in February 1987 and replaced the following year by the two storey office building that occupies that corner today (photo above right). Designed by the architectural firm of Macdonald, Zuberec and Kamada, the new building was originally called the Royal Trust City Centre, with Royal Trust moving its local branch over there from Queen Street.

      Royal Trust long ago moved on from that location. For the past several years, the new building has housed on its first floor a convenience store as well as our beloved downtown Tim Hortons.

      [341 words]

      Dennis Gannon is a member of the Historical Society of St. Catharines. He may be reached at gannond2002@yahoo.com


      “Special Collections Room, St. Catharines Public Library.”

      Special Collections – St. Catharines Public Library

  188. Stuhrling said

    I have ben doing some reading about St. Catharines and I read that it was once called Shippmans Corners. Is there any truth to that? If so, where can I find more information in that regard?

    Vicki; Hello,
    I have ben doing some reading about St. Catharines and I read that it was once called Shippmans Corners. Is there any truth to that? If so, where can I find more information in that regard?


  189. Vicki said

    I have ben doing some reading about St. Catharines and I read that it was once called Shippmans Corners. Is there any truth to that? If so, where can I find more information in that regard?


  190. Marilyn ford said

    I am trying to find what information i can about William Harper Willson born 8-3-1873 in St. Catherines , Lincoln co. Ont. Canada. He died in 1861 in Winnipeg. He married Ida Ella Lee from Omeeme, Ontario. Any information would be wonderful. I am trying to find his son, Gray Sherman Willson born in 1908. Marilyn

  191. Simon Green, Torphins, Aberdeenshire, Scotland said

    McLaren & Co

    My wife is descended from Robert McLaren who owned the McLaren & Co dept store with his brother Alex. The store used to be on St.Pauls Street. Robert’s last known address at his death in 1917 was Bleak House, 78 Yates St. I have contacted the St.Catharine’s library who are kindly supplying some material they have on the McLarens, but I would be pleased if anyone could provide additional information ot point me in further research directions,

    Regards, Simon Green

    • paula mclaren said

      my family is also desendents of robert mclarens family.. my father, his mother, grandparnets and great grandparents lived on lake st. st catharines…. robert mclaren lived there also, as did alexander and john mclaren in186-64…

    • paula mclaren said

      i am also a decendant… my family lived on Lake st.. in St,.Catharines…… he was my great-greatgrandfathers, brother.. i think.. i am looking up the family tree. now…… i do know they all lived at 74 Lake st.. and that was my dad,s family home…… he was born there, in 1923…… as was his mother, grandfather, and greatgrandfather…..

      • Simon Green said

        Hello Paula, I have only just picked up your replies – the Historical Society website just sent me about 20 e-mails(!). I would be interested to exchange more info with you. My home e-mail: schgreen@btinternet.com

      • ivalindsay said

        r u related to Charlie Green – he had married Veronica (Ronnie) Bell. Auntie “Ronnie” was my mother’s sister. Uncle Chuck and Auntie Ronnie eventually moved to Beardmore. She spent some time while they were living there – living with the Indians. He had become a lumberjack and so was away in the bush for long periods of time over the summers and she would join him there from time to time.

        Have a great day

        Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 18:33:25 +0000 To: i_lindsay@hotmail.com

  192. Louise Halloran said

    I am trying to find the location of a Church in Welland where my great granduncle was buried on 2nd August 1875. A newspaper article in ‘The Welland Tribune’ (5th August 1875) stated that his body had been ‘interred in the Episcopalian burying ground in this town’. He was a young Irish Protestant – a sailor who fell off a schooner while passing through the Welland Canal and drowned. The schooner’s Captain left money with a local doctor to find and bury him. The newspaper reports that the doctor buried him as cheaply as possible despite the money given, so I’m guessing he was buried in the paupers’ part of the graveyard.

    Can anyone tell me which Church this is and if it still exists today?

    I would be most grateful to find out,

    Thank you

    Louise Halloran

    Can anyone tell me

    • Hi Louise my name is Kevin . I’m from Welland and i like to read up on the local history .I read up ones about some Churches here in that time period , located on Church Street . The Churches are no longer there but the Cemetery is . My guess is that might be where where your granduncle was buried . Maybe there is something there with his name on it . If its any help to you i could have a look for you or you just wanna come here yourself . I hope this has been some help to you and the best of luck to you.


    • Anna said

      The Cemetery on Church and Aqueduct on Welland, may be a Catholic cemetery, In the middle of the church, I think was the RC church Church of the Japanese Martyrs.
      “This Church of the Japanese Martyrs Cemetery is a small cemetery in use from the 1863 to 1921, and is located on Church Street, bounded on the East by Aqueduct Street, on the North by Elizabeth Street, and on the West by family dwellings.The Church of the Japanese Martyrs Cemetery is of cultural heritage value as it is all that remains of the first Catholic Church in Welland: the Church of the Japanese Martyrs, from 1864 until 1913”

      …..the cemetery you may be looking for…. Methodist Episcopal / Denistoun Street Cemetery Welland County, ON

      Township: Crowland Township (Concession 5, Lot 26)
      Locality: Welland County
      Municipality: Welland

      Not sure where exactly it was and not sure where the bodies were moved to

  193. Janet Eggleton said

    I am seaking information on Rev. Alfred Byron Demill, his wife Lucellia (nee Hurd) and any facts surrounding Demill’s Women’s College which they ran in the late 1800’s. I am aware that Lucellia is buried in the St. Catherine’s Cemetery and that the Women’s College was relocated to St. Catherine’s from Oshawa after it was destroyed by fire.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  194. Robert G. Dial said

    I am in search of any information about St. Catharines architect, Sidney R. Badgley (1850-1917). Are there any research articles or other publications available about his early years in St Catharines and also is there a list of local buildings he designed? Are there any descendants in the St Catharines area who might have biographical information? I am compiling a list for possible publication of Badgley churches and would like to include biographical information. Thank you.

    • I am interested in the architect Badgely in connection with Queen Street United (Methodist) Church of 1886 in Kingston, Ontario, and would appreciate any information you can share. Thank you, Jennifer McKendry

  195. HI Could you give me the email address of Jane Holton or contact her for me.? I would be happy to talk to her about our ancestor family the Cornelius Holton’s . I was from the Dellona sauk co WI area where they lived and was buried. My grandmother was Mary Holton daughter of Cornelius and Mary Holton. thank you Delores Fargen

  196. I am seeking information about the men and the incident in the attached New York Times article from 1874. It describes the plight of 18 immigrants who were promised work on the Welland Canal, but who were in fact conned out of their money and “dispatched” from New York to St. Catharine’s without work being arranged for them. They suffered abuse at the hands of the existing labor force and were rescued by Reverend Mulligan and the shipbuilder, Mr. Louis Shickluna. Any information about the incident would be appreciated, I am looking for any information about these men, especially answers to the following questions:

    How did they arrive from New York (e.g., train? On foot?)
    What happened to them after the night they spent in the churchyard?
    Did they ever have the opportunity to work on the canal?

    I appreciate any guidance you can give to help me with my research. Thank you.

    Article link: http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=2&res=940CE1DB123AE03BBC4051DFB066838F669FDE

  197. Sam Heck, Portland, ME, USA said

    I’m trying to do some personal family research on my great-grandfather Percy A. Overholt, born January 15, 1889 in St. Catharines to Daniel R. Overholt and Maria Johnson Overholt.
    My specific interest regards two family artifacts that have been passed down to me. One is a photograph of a hockey team of which my father was a member. They wear uniforms with the sponsor “NS&T” which I am told stands for the Niagara, St. Catharines, and Toronto Railroad, apparently their sponsor. The other item is a puck that I’m told is from a championship game in which my great-grandfather played a key role, possibly scoring the winning goal. Roughly engraved in the puck is the date Mar. 5th, 1908. There’s a second engraving which appears to say “3:N” On the opposite side, more neatly engraved, is the 2-1, which I have to believe is the score of the game, and the Initials again, “N.S.T.” Finally, there’s another set of initials which appears to be either “BY” or “RY”.

    I’m further interested in an article I found online at http://www.athleticslacrosse.com/charity_17.htm which lists Percy Overholt as competing in a lacrosse match between the St. Catharines Athletics and the Chicago Calumets.

    I was hoping for any information you have regarding the NS&T hockey team. What league did they play in? Was is recreational or semi-pro? What years were they active? Furthermore, I was wondering if there are any newspaper accounts of the game on March 5, 1908. I’d love to hear what part my great-grandfather played in the game. If if would be useful to you, I would be happy to send you a scanned image of the photograph that is now in my possession. I would also like to know if any photographs are available of the St. Catharines Athletics team that traveled to Chicago in 1917.

    Finally, it’s probably not relevant, but just in case, and because I like the story, I’ve been told that my great-grandfather’s nickname in the league was “Dirty” Overholt. I’d be pleased to see any news articles that reference him as such.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

    Sam Heck, Portland, ME, USA

    • Michael Connors said

      Hello Sam,
      My name is Michael Connors. I came across your query today while at work. My grandfather was John Cunningham who played goalie for the NS&T hockey team in St. Catherines. I too have a photo of this team, which I believe was taken around 1908-09. My cousin has a watch engraved with the year of their championship win.
      If you would like to share information, I’d like to hear from you. Would like to compare photo with the one you have to see if there is a connection.
      I too have been trying to find out as much information I can on this team. Incidently, my grandfather also played goalie for a lacrosse team. I believe he was the Cunningham mentioned in the web link in this query. Mike

    • Michael Connors, Buffalo, NY said

      Sam, Came across your query about your great grandfather, Percy Overholt, who played for the NS&T hockey team. My grandfather, John Cunningham also played goalie for this hockey team. I also have a photo of him taken with his team. Would like to share this photo with you and compare it with the team photo you have to seen if they match. I’ll have to contact some of my older cousins to see if they can answer some of the questions you had about this hockey team and the Lacrosse team they played on.
      My Mother mentioned to me years ago that her father played semi-pro, but not sure if she meant when he played hockey or on the Athletics lacrosse team.

      Look forwarded to hearing from you,

      Mike, Buffalo, NY

    • Shirley Vaillancourt said

      Sam there is a museum along the Welland Canal is St Catharines and they have many sports memorbilla and lacrosse was one of them from the early 1900’s might be a great place to check out

  198. I am working with my colleagues at the Osler Library of the History of Medicine at McGill University to build up their collection of published histories of Canadian hospitals and Schools of Nursing. I see that you published a short item a few years ago. Is there a chance we can receive a copy?
    Ormston, Alex W. The St. Catharines General Hospital and two of its founders : Hospital established 125 years ago / by Alex W. Ormston — St. Catharines, [Ont.] : Historical Society of St. Catharines, 1990. — [4] leaves. — AMICUS No. 32546569

    The complete Bibliography is at http://internatlibs.mcgill.ca/hospitals/hospital-histories.htm

    there are several other St Catharines items we are looking for, and I may have missed some. Any help would be appreciated. david.crawford@mcgill.ca

  199. Jane Holton said

    I am researching the Holton family from Ireland. Cornelius Holton of County Leitrim, Ireland emigrated with his wife Mary Conaughtery Connerton to St. Catharines, Quebec in Mary was born in County Sligo, Ireland. Whle they were in Canada 2 sons were born according to US Census records. Thomas was born about 1845 and Patrick 3 Dec 1849. I am looking for church records for these ancestors. I am wondering if this town of St Catharines is the correct one since it is located in Ontario. Was it originally part of Quebec? The family left St. Catharines and settled in Dellona, Sauk, Wisconsin. All are buried in the All Saints Cemetery in Dellona. I would be very grateful for any information you may have for me. Thank you.

    • Hi Jane. I am finishing up some research re Sligo emigrants to Dellona, WI. Can you contact me urgently please ? Thanks Gavin

      • Delores Fargen said

        HI Gavin: Jane Holton emailed me you were writing a book on the Irish Ancestry and visiting the Dellona cemetery and doing research on Sligo emigrants. She said she had contacted you My grandmother was Mary Holton daughter of Cornieluis Holton and Mary Connerton. I was wondering where I can buy your book or material if you are selling it. I am going to WI in the fall and plan on spending a day at Baraboo at the historical society and Reedsburg Library. thank you Delores Fargen

    • Deborah said

      Hi Jane and Delores: my great-grandmother was Ellen Holton O’Connell. She would have been Mary Holton’s sister. Her parents were Cornieluis Holton and Mary Connerton. Do either of you know of a Mrs. Leon Harvey who I believe was Mary’s daughter? Several years ago she wrote my mother, Bonnie O’Connell, a short letter titled “History of Grandfather &Grandmother Holton. In the letter she listed the year that Cornieluis and Mary died. As well as a list of the childrens names. Another cousin of mine is writing a short creative non-fiction about Ellen. Any information would be welcomed.

  200. David Burrows said

    Hello Linda,
    I am researching the Burrows families of Sligo Ireland and have a lot of data. I would be interested in corresponding with you.
    David Burrows

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