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 You can contact the Society via:

Email: HSSC.contact@gmail.com

Or traditional mail:
The Historical Society of St. Catharines
Box 25017
221 Glendale Ave., Pen Centre
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 4C4

President: Dave Willer
Past President: Nancy Cameron
Vice President: Brian Narhi
Treasurer: Christopher Loat
Secretary: Elizabeth Finnie

John Burtniak
Pat Richardson
John Brenton
Dennis Gannon
Gail Benjafield
Roger Bradshaw
Des Corran
Dan Sundy

46 Responses to “Contact Info & Executive”

  1. Frank Shepard said

    Would you happen to have a listing for Agnes Marks – born 1872 ??

  2. Robert schoufour said

    I realize that the old gm plant is being ripped down but we should save some piece of the plant as a reminder after all this plant was around for a long time and provided thousands of jobs. There is a big piece of a stripped down press sitting there I would like to have it saved as a reminder. This piece is sitting across from the Avondale store on Ontario st

  3. Bartosz said


    I am looking for any information about my greatgrandfather Jozef (Joseph) Zajac (born 1888 in Chrzastow/Mielec, then Austria, now Poland), who lived in St. Catharines between c. 1930 and 1955. I only know that he worked at apricot farm. I would be most grateful for any information or tips where to look for any documents that would shed a light on his life in St. Catharines.

    (Cracow, Poland)

    • Gail Bemjafield said

      Hello. I would suggest contacting the special Collections Room of the St. Catharines Library where some name directories are kept. Just google St Catharines Public Library to start. There is also an active Polish Society here that I would recommend you ask Special Collections staff to check for you.

  4. Phyllis Shaffer said

    Hello, I am interested in some information , my mother, Florence Georgina Crowe was born in St. Catherine’s June 1, 1916. I have been trying to find relatives in your area. . Her parents would have been George & Rose Crowe.( Rose Kirby).

    If you can send me any information I would greatly appreciate it. Any fees, please let me know.

    • Gail Bemjafield said

      Please contact Special Collections of the St. Catharines Public Library, where genealogical information is kept.

  5. Marilyn said

    Hi, Do you know where I can find a copy of John Soper’s will naming his children? John is buried in the Homer Cemetery and is the son of a Loyalist. Thank you, Marilyn

  6. DavidC said

    I have found this reference. Any idea if it is still available? Ormston, Alex W. The St. Catharines General Hospital and two of its founders : Hospital established 125 years ago / by Alex W. Ormston — St. Catharines, [Ont.] : Historical Society of St. Catharines, 1990. — [4] leaves. If so, is there any chance it could be digitised and added to your useful website?

  7. Ginny Bennie said

    My mother boarded at St Hildas school around 1930. I know she left there (because it closed) and continued her education at Branksome Hall in Toronto. As I will be travelling through St Catherines in October, I would like to see where the school was. I assume that the building has been demolished? Is there anyone who would know where it was?
    Ginny Bennie
    Melbourne, Australia

  8. Alison Glass said

    Dear All,
    Looking for any information regarding an Archibald Glass who settled in St Catherines after the Crimean War (so after 1856). He was from Glasgow Scotland and, despite being given 1000 ac on PEI, decided to move on to St. Catherines. He was my great great grandfather.
    Thank you so much for any leads.
    Alison Glass
    26 Madigan Lane
    Harvard, MA 01451

  9. Clint green said

    Can someone send me the history/ owners and establishments of 45 James St or what was Stella’s? How old who built the building etc…

  10. Norman Seymour said

    I am currently researching the company Aiken and MacLachlan Limited that operated from a site on Hartzell Rd from 1941-1968. The museum has provided me with a copy of company bio from AE Coombs’ book History of niagara peninsula and I have exhausted all sources from the web.

    One of the founding partners was a barrister, Robert B Johnston, I’ve been unable to get any background other than he was KCouncil and president of Law Association in the ’40’s.

    Also, the company was incorporated in 1927 but cannot locate where they operated until 1941.

    Can you help? Thanks

    • Lorraine Giroux said

      Norman, Did you receive any information on your question? I write a newsletter for Merritton which is where Hartzel Road is and I’d be happy to publish any information received and/or ask for me. Email me back at Merrittonmatters@hotmail.com. Thanks Lorraine

  11. Looking for any and all information regarding 15 Pelham Road. The house is just on the other side of the small bridge that crosses the railway tracks. Its hidden behind the trees. I have had people tell me it use to be boarded up and apparently something happened in the house about 30-40 years ago.

    Christopher Breen

  12. Marv said

    Looking for info on Soda Pop factory in the 40’s , located at 29/31 Vine St. in St. Catharines

  13. Denis Savoie said

    I am trying to locate archival information on a tug boat that rolled over and explode in the lower of the twin locks in Thorold. I was quite young at the time so my guess is early 60’s. I have tried getting info. via the Standard but no luck. Can you help? Do you have any information or articles?

  14. Alan Price said

    I live in Brisbane Australia.
    I am trying to track down the family of Donald Thomas who lived in Merritton before WW2. He was a member of my Uncle George Harvey’s Lancaster crew that was shot down over Berlin on 29/12/43 on a secret mission. All the crew were lost except for Donald who was interred as a POW.Any assistance appreciated.

  15. sheri timmer said

    am living in a house built in 1880 at 49 turner cresent st catharines..would like to know where i can find some info on the place if there is any..ty

    • Lorraine said

      Sheri, did you find out any information? Let me know as this would be an interesting piece for Merritton Matters newsletter.

  16. Lynda Maciejewski said

    My father and his brother lived in St Catherines and were placed in an orphanage in 1925 or 1926. I would like to know if orphange records would be available to me. We do not know anything about his family, and my Dad believed that he had a sister to that he never found. He did find his brother around 1980. we dont even know our nationality. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  17. moretonjanet said

    My grandparents and mother lived in St Catherines 1920’s until 1932, would you be interested in my sending photos I have taken at that time of St Catherines area? Their names were Ernest and Mary Jupe, my mother Mina was born in St Catherines 1924, they lived in Lowell Avenue. My mother is 88 now and has many clear memories of St Catherines at that time. If interested, could you suggest email address. Many thanks Janet

  18. Alecia Vella (Hagar) said

    I am trying to link johnathan Hagar married to azubah Hopkins to the correct line of hagars from either Massachusetts or New Jersey. Neither line, has a johnathan being born 1765, married to azubah. I have a paper written by Brian Nahri showing johnathan is descended from the family in Massachusetts, but the note say he is likely grandson of Joseph and grace Hagar, but johnathan claims his father was a John as well, but the johnathan born to Joseph and grace did not have a son named John. Ay help would be great.

  19. I am still researching for my great grandfather Thadius (Timothy ) Hurly who left Ireland with his family during the Famine years and I believe came through Canada. HIs family settled in Wisconisn but can find no where abouts as to what happened to him. Did he die at sea coming over or from disease and buried in Canada? I would appreciate anyone else doing this research to contact me or have any answers. thank you Delores

  20. I am researching the Niagara, St. Catherines and Toronto Railway. Do you have historical information and photographs of the operation? I am planning a visit to the area in the near future. I have read John Mills book of the same name but I’m looking for addition photographs. We acquired the last street car #130 from the NS&T line and had it at Rail City Museum when it was in operation between 1955 – 1974. Thank you.

  21. Brent Wilson said

    I’m carrying out research for an article I’m writing on the militia Camp of Observation established at Thorold from August to October 1866 following the Battle of Ridgeway. I’d greatly appreciate any help you can provide on this subject.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Brent Wilson
    New Brunswick Military Heritage Project
    University of New Brunswick
    Fredericton, NB

  22. cherry burns salmond said

    We are a small Market Town on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds in England. In the 1800 Canadian buyers used to come to our,at that time, famous Sheep Markets looking for LINCOLN LONG WOOLS to take back to CANADA. As the sheep trade dwindled from the mid 1800 a lot of Caistor people decided to emigrate to Canada. I noticed on your site you talk about vanishing villages and one was called Caistor. Could this have been where our people moved to and settled? Do you know of or have any English roots from our area? We’d love to hear from you.

  23. tiffany sagloski said

    hi there,
    me and my fiance have recently purchased an old farm house on 5th street in old louth township. we were wondering if there were any photographs in your collection showing the house when it was newer and still had it’s front porch. the address we are looking for is 1636 5th st.

    tiffany sagloski

  24. cathy said

    I am trying to find out how to have someone nominated for the sports hall of fame.

  25. Roland Auble said


    I am trying to find information about my Great Great Grandparents. My Gggrand father was William Sears. All I know about him is that he was reportedly an Englishman. I do not know the name of my Gggrandmother. She died while my Ggrandmother was a small child. My Ggranddmother was Elizabeth Ann Sears, borm on March 7, 1832. When her mother died, she went to live with her sister, Hannah Ingram, wife of Daniel Ingram married in St. Catharines, Ont. I have no reliable information about my Gggrandfater, beyond what I have listed above. My Gggrandmother was supposedly the daughter of a French Marquise who fled from France as a result of the French revolution. My Grandfather said that his mother was born in Toronto, but his brother said she was born in Thorold.

    Do you have any records which would substantiate anything I listed above? If not, where would you suggest I look?

    Thanks for any information you can give me.

    Roland Auble

    • Bill Stevens said

      The e-mail address left with the query does not work!


      Marriages in York (Toronto)

      Marriage Registers of St. James Anglican Church/Cathedral, York (Toronto), 1800 to 1896, as recorded in Landmarks of Toronto : a collection of historical sketches of the old town of York from 1792 until 1837 and of Toronto from 1834 to [1914] ; volume 3, pp.395 ff., by John Ross Robertson 1894(including biographical notations on some individuals and families by J.R.R.)

      12 January, 1837, by license, Daniel INGRAM, of Oakville, bachelor, and Hannah SEARS, of the same place, spinster. Witnesses, James Charles INGRAM, William T. GODD.

  26. I am looking for any information on the activities of Confederates who were either citizens of the southern US states or operatives of the Confederate government who plotted againts the US in Canada during the Civil War. If you have information, sources, names,etc. please let me know.
    James E. Duffey
    Kent State University
    Dept. of History

  27. D. P. Petrini said

    Hello. I was looking for information on Laura Secord, and I found lots, including your site.

    However, it seems someone is vandalizing the Laura Secord page at Wikipedia … adding junk information about bands and stupid comedy references, and perhaps falsifying information in the account.

    I wouldn’t know how to fix it myself, but perhaps someone amongst you could undertake to validate and monitor the page?

    Sincerly, D.Petrini

  28. dear st.catharines historical society,i’m curious what was the address of the y.w.c.a and the y.m.c.a. in st. catharines ontario canada for 1974?also,do you have old phone books for st. catharines,ont.can.,and if so,how far back do they date?thanks,signed christine j sojka

    • David O'Reilly said

      hi Christine, the St. Catharines Public Library’s Local History and Archives should have telephone books of that earia with the addresses.

  29. jeremy bell said

    My wifes grandfather was curious to see the old maps of grantham township as him and her grandmother lived in the area of the now CAW hall and homes. He currently lives in the CAW townhouses and would love to show his friends what it looked like when he lived there back in 1954. If you could point me in the right direction as to where to find these that would be fantastic! Thank you for your time in advance….

    Jeremy Bell

    • Paul Pattison said

      I very recently donated I believe it was a1954 Grantham Map to Brock U. Map division, Contact Colleen Beard in the map Dept. She provided me with a photo of the map which I can send you if you contact me.

  30. sarah timmerman israel said

    I am the president of Palatines to America– New York Chapter and we are planning the annual meeting to honor 300 years of the Palatines coming to American. It will be tha annual meeting of Palam held June 17,18,19, 2010 in Fishkill, New York. Please contact me for more inforamtion. I am also interested in your events of War of 1812 as my ancestor fought in that WAR. I am also intersted in your events for the Palatines that settled in your area.
    Sarah Timmerman Israel

  31. Janine said


    I have a copy of the “Biography of th Hon. W.H. Merritt, MP” from 1875 and I’m wondering if it’s of any value. Could you please point me in the right direction?


  32. Pat Menon said

    I’d be very interested to see the photos (I am researching Merritton architecture, especially the work of WB Allan). I have no idea how to contact you (given our email addresses aren’t displayed), but perhaps someone can arrange it?
    Pat Menon

  33. Mary Jane Miller said

    I am trying to find John Burtniak’s new e-mail address or new home address — all I have is his old Thorold address.

    Dr. Mary Jane Miller
    Prof. Emerit, Brock University

  34. Kate Stirk. York, England. said

    Hello, Many years ago I had contact with you via Bill Stevens , Paul Hutchinson and Bill Gannon.
    Re- Robert(Bob)and Richard (Dick)Spaven. Dick died in WW1, a gunner with the Canadian Expeditionary force.Bob emmigrated to Australia.
    I was very new to Family History and E-Mails. All three were very kind and gave me a vast amount of info. I really appreciated all the trouble they went to on my account.
    I have just managed to upload the stock of photo’s and cards taken in and around Merritton. I didn’t realise there were so many!
    Would you like the full photo archive? I can send written explanations and updates if you wish.
    The photo’s are on Snapfish, a photo sharing website( I’m getting better at this!)
    Please let me know which E-mail I can send the contact to.
    Thank’s again, Kate Stirk

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