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Honour Roll of Members of St. Catharines Sports Hall of Famers

Posted by dsharron on June 12, 2009

Compiled by Bill Stevens:

1990 – Jack Gatecliff, Walt McCollum, Rudy Pilous, Ashton Morrison, Roy ‘Pung’ Morton, Stan Mikita, Peter Neumann, Leroy Pickard

1991 – Rex Stimers, Lloyd Alguire, Vic Teal, Bill Whitaker, Jack Lowrey, Neil Campbell, Gerry Cheevers, Dennis ‘Duke’ Diggins

1992 – Tom Garriock, Marianne Allen, George ‘Mooner’ Manoogian, Douglas ‘Percy’ Favell Sr., Joseph Thomas James ‘Joe’ Cheevers, Brian Cullen, Warren Dell

1993 – Craig Swayze, George Howard, Bill DeMars, Joe & Rose Engemann, Peter Cameron, Bobby Thorpe

1994 – Walter Marsh, Jim Minards, George ‘Toughy’ Hope, Frank ‘Geezil’ Madsen, Douglas Cove, Christine Jurgenson, Marilyn Bodogh

1995 – Angie Pastore, Doug Favell Jr., Ed Dixon, Frank Martin, Fred Conradi, Joe McCaffery, Douglas J. ‘Ozzie’ Hill, Bill ‘ Whitey’ Frick

1996 – Peter Bicknell, Marty Calder, Steve Oneschuk, Wendy Wiebe, Wilfred Garrett, Alen Kelogg, Tim Rigby, Marg Schram

1997 – Susan Erskine, Edgar L. ‘Ed’ Moir, George Stauffer, Davey Moore, Helen Chyplik, Edward ‘Ted’ Howe, Douglas Court

1998 – Joan Gray-Brunshaw, Harvey Hutcheon, Jack Rountree, Bill Sadler, Ross Wilson, Elmer Vasko, J. Stan Elliott, David Howes, Benny Newman, Armand Difruscio

1999 – Chris Critelli, Marvin Edwards, Carl ‘Gus’ Madsen, Ivan Little, Douglas McNichol, Ronald French, John Newman, Dale House

2000 – WBC Burgoyne, Brian Bellows, Gerry Hinton, Hector Pothier, Mike Martyk, Jim Lamore, Ted Collins, Jerry Fitzgerald

2001 – Harry Edmonstone, Jim McNulty, Gil Boa, Karen Strong, Jim Robertson, Dennis Hull

2002 – James Douglas, Ken Hodgkins, Bob Davis, John Stevens, Harry Argent

2003 – Clint Page, Chester Warchol, David Dore, Bill ‘Lefty’ Allen, Virginia Thompson

2004 – Tom Smelle, Carl Smelle, Donald ‘Nip’ O’Hearn, Craig Woodhouse, Levio ‘Red’ Ferracuti

2005 – Bob Luey, Jimmy Joy, Terry O’Malley, Doug Robinson, Al McDonough

2006 – No inductees

2007 – Peter Berge, Gloria Campbell, Dean McBride, Rob Stoddart, Hap Walters

2008 – Ken Croft, Norm Defelice, Bob Gear, John Mouradian, Neil Stevens

2009 – Bruce Erskine, Marianne Groat, Robert ‘Buff’ McCready, George ‘Clickey’ Taylor, Mark Walters


2 Responses to “Honour Roll of Members of St. Catharines Sports Hall of Famers”

  1. Barry Sawatsky said

    Thought I’d give this a try. I have a memorabilia item, specifically a lighter, engraved with, ” Parkway House League 1961-1962 ‘B’ Group Representative OZZIE HILL “. Thought perhaps Ozzie himself or Kin would like to have it. I punched his name on the net here and came up with this site, so thought I’d make an effort.

  2. I’m doing a work of resurch and it’s
    concerning Frank Martin who was
    inducted in the st.catharines sports
    hall of fame. I would like to know
    the date of his death. Is it february
    18 or 23 year 2007.

    Thank you very

    Jean Pierre St Onge

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